To the Editor,

Friends, please join us in voting Melissa Starnater for Waxahachie ISD Trustee. She’s been interested in serving in this role for many many years and her specific public education experience positions her perfectly. As her friends, we’ve seen first-hand how much time she devotes to WISD for ALL different kinds of kids and programs.

Let Melissa be your candidate of choice because she represents the growth in our district. She didn’t grow up in Waxahachie but “chose” Waxahachie to raise her kids, and that’s a good thing! Her work experience in other parts of the state gives her the ability to be objective and develop the school board-stakeholder relationship; which is a huge part of a trustee’s responsibility. She has experience with the big picture and no conflicts of interest.

Melissa has shown us her dedication - let’s help get her elected! We need her looking out for our kids.

Trent and Patti Ward, Waxahachie