To the Editor,

First let me say that I am a friend of Kevin Strength. When he first decided to run for city council, I wrote a letter to the editor encouraging people to vote for Kevin. Now that he has served for a number of years and for many of those years served as the mayor, he has a record. I asked Kevin, a number of months ago, what was his most meaningful achievement as a councilman and mayor.

I thought he would chose the influential role he played in the building and location of the new hospital. After all, our Baylor Scott and White is quickly becoming a regional hospital. Many of my friends been patients at that hospital. They have nothing but praise for the hospital. The growth has surprised almost everyone. In the first year they employed an additional 360+ people and have added over 35 new doctors to our area.

Then I thought, "No". He will chose his position as Vice President on the North Texas Council of Governments,. And if elected this time, he will be made President in June. So as you watch the improvements to the bridges and the beautification of the expanding roadway, it is because of his input on that council. He is the first city councilman in Waxahachie's history to serve in a leadership position on that council. Maybe that will be his choice.

Or maybe it would be the fact that this council has quit postponing the street repairs and made so many improvements, enhancing the quality of life for all of Waxahachie. I know he spends 40 - 50 hours a week and has worn out two new pick-ups in his dedication to the well being of the city where he grew up, raised his children, and knows so well.

But I was wrong. I forgot that what is most important to Kevin is the future that we leave for our children. He told me that his proudest achievement was that a small city park on Richmond Lane that had been a vacant lot for many years now has playground equipment for the children to swing and play on. After many, many years, they now have a proper playground.

These are the reasons why Mayor Kevin Strength has my vote for City Council.

Darrell Thompson, Waxahachie