To the Editor,

Kevin Strength’s hometown love of Waxahachie and sincere commitment to do what is best for our community now and in the future is evident in the eight years he has served as our mayor.

Part of the appeal of Mayor Strength is his unassuming nature. He is not the type to boast from the rooftops, but rather quietly work without fanfare. Therefore, we would like to take a moment to give you just a few of his accomplishments, along with the other five city council members, city management and staff.

During the past 8 years we have experienced more than one billion dollars in economic development. We have a wonderful new hospital, new high school, fire stations and soon to open police headquarters.

From the expansion of I-35E and reconstruction of bridges on the interstate running through Waxahachie, to more than $30 million for street improvements throughout our town, the Mayor and city council have worked diligently on infrastructure. Those improvements also include new sewer lines and start-up of a $100 million expansion of the wastewater plant.

Improved lifestyles for residents has been accomplished in the past 8 years. A $1.2 million revamping of Penn Park, $3.2 million for hike and bike trails, new playground improvements to 14 city parks and the wonderful, new amphitheater park in downtown are just a few of the achievements Keven Strength and the council have spearheaded to maintain Waxahachie as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

In addition, this council under Mayor Strength’s leadership has saved our city $30 million through reissued bonds and reduced the city’s debt from 32% to 25%.

There is so much more we could add to this list. Keven Strength is not only wonderful human being, but also a tireless worker for our community. He deserves our vote.

Bonney and Mike Ramsey