To the Editor,

We can cut down a tree of social injustice and remove it from our sight. However if we keep watering the roots, even inadvertently, it will grow again. We must be vigilant to make sure this doesn't happen.

Simply, if any publicly funded entity is involved in a public relations event to provide information to the public, should it not include all of the public who funds it? An example of the appearance of impropriety occured, that being worse than the impropriety itself. And,unfortunately, once sensationalized by those who confuse that with civic duty, it became a reflection on us all here in our community. We hope changes will be made to not repeat such an incident in the future. A public apology to the one directly slighted is warranted.

Moving on. One has to wonder if some are so fixated on the means to an end, will the end ever be understood by them? If their focus is watching a wheel go around, how will they know where we're going? And why we are going there? Vote for the bond. We need the school.

By sending troops to the border, is it just to show that we can't see Russia from there? And will they stay until the *Trump Monument, err, the wall that we taxpayers will fund until Mexico pays us back is built? (Why do I feel like *President Trump's lawyer?). On that subject, whenever *President Trump's term in office ends once it begins in actual performance, if every taxpayer signs a Non Disclosure Agreement saying nothing about his presidency, will we each get a check for $130k to keep quiet about something that never happened in the first place? I guess we will have to ask his lawyer. Just asking for a friend.

And I see $enator Cruz is once again using money from out of state PACs to tell us he's a Texan and what Texans are and what we believe instead the other way around. Welcome back to Texas Teddy, must be election time. Vote Beto.

Can't make this stuff up.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie