To the Editor,

Have you been out to the new Atwood store yet? Before you do so,read about my trip first.Atwood has been running an selling a firearm,that I wanted. So I galloped out there.I tottered over to the gun department. I asked for the gun that I wanted.I was told that it was not in stock.Also, they would have it next week.Next week here I go again.Guess what? Same song, second verse.By now, I was beginning to get a little hacked.Well, I thought I may not need that pistol after all.Next week, I got a flyer that had the very same hand gun in it.Here we go again. I walked in.Over to the gun department I go.I said "I am here to buy that pistol that was in that flyer this morning"I was told, We do not have that gun in stock.Now, three trips i made. three times I was told,we do not have that gun in stock. Boy, I am here to tell you all I did the Hissy fit hop I demanded to speak to the manager Here he came.Now, I am not real sure about this, but I believe the manager Told me that this gun that i wanted, had never been shipped. Further more,I Know this young man pretty good, And he bought a chain saw.from Atwood,Took it home.Guess what? It would not start. He brought it back. they worked on it for awhile, and finally got it running.There it is. you will have to make up your mind.

David Nance Waxahachie Texas