To the Editor,

I have known John Rodgers for the last 11 years or so. In that time, I have found him to be a truly honorable man and faithful public servant. I met John when I became Chief of Police for the City of Waxahachie. I have seen his professionalism, caring, and compassion under fire; literally. His dedication to complete a task in an emergency/tactical situation, and his ability to adapt to, and achieve, a positive outcome in a larger, strategic operation is beyond reproach. This ability and attention to detail, while being able to see the big picture, will serve him well as a Trustee of the WISD School Board. That of course, means it will serve the students, educators, and staff at WISD as well.

As I stated previously, I have seen firsthand his caring and compassion for others; especially our young people. Nothing I have ever seen from him makes me think this would change if elected. The students, educators and staff will always come first for John. Their opportunities, their safety, the fair treatment of all, will be the basis for his decisions. That being said, he also understands the “business” end of things. A BA in Business from Rice University speaks for itself.

Part of me was surprised when John said he was running for Trustee. John is not a politician, he is a servant, he has no agenda, and no one to impress – and that is why the other part of me sees clearly why he would run for office. John is a lifelong resident of Waxahachie, he is a graduate of WHS, as are his wife and their two daughters. A true servant wanting to serve his hometown.

I can’t vote in the WISD School Board election, but I recognize a good man when I see one. I can however, and wholeheartedly do, support John Rodgers for Trustee. I ask those of you that can vote in that very important election to cast your vote for John Rodgers.

Charles “Chuck” Edge, Sheriff, Ellis County