To the Editor,

We have the opportunity to vote for a truly qualified, committed woman for Waxahachie City Council. Melissa Olson is educated in business and has worked in accounting, human resources and management.

Melissa is working to bring transparency to Waxahachie and will continue to do so to allow the citizens to have an informed voice in our government. She attends city council meetings and is providing transparency to citizens by live streaming these. Due to her efforts agenda packets are available to us prior to meetings.

Melissa plans to help with local property tax issues that are causing residents to move out of the town they love. She knows that one way to control the property tax issue is to control spending and get debt under control, so our children and grandchildren will be able to have a hometown they can afford to live in when they grow up.

It’s important to leave a place better than when you found it. Melissa sees the division and is focused on bringing our growing community together.

If you are ready for a breath of fresh air, please join me in supporting Melissa Olson for City Council.

Sylvia Coulson, Waxahachie