I was working from a home office a week or so ago, and I could see some neighborhood squirrels burying pecans. While I was watching nature, do what it does a friend of mine called, and as I shared with him about the squirrels, he asked me, “Are you sure they are burying pecans or are they planting trees?” Good question.

Jesus talks about squirrels and pecans when He said, “By this, My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be My disciples.”

Someone smarter than me has described people in different phases of spirituality as curious, convinced or committed. I guess where you’re at with Jesus will dictate if you are just burying pecans (storing up information) or planting trees (producing fruit).

When Jesus walked the earth a lot of people were curious and therefore they showed up when He rang the dinner bell. Then there were those who were convinced. These people were not impacted personally (it did not bear fruit in their lives) by what they heard Jesus say but they gave it “intellectual assent (storing pecans)” which is an important step to the next phase of being committed, but they were not committed yet.

The Apostles are a good example of being committed. Pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie says they were so convinced that they started to follow Jesus. As they followed Jesus, they became committed and went from burying pecans to planting trees that produced fruit. By doing so, they proved they were His disciples and they glorified the Father. Where are you at with Jesus? Curious, convinced or committed? Planting trees or burying pecans? He asked me to ask you that.