With nearly 20 years experience in education, including a decade with Waxahachie ISD, Jacob Perry will transition from principal to an administrator this summer.

May marks the third year Perry has served as the principal of Robbie E. Howard Junior High. There is no time to celebrate though, as he has been named the director of facilities and operations for Waxahachie ISD.

“Really, to be honest with you, I’m stoked,” Perry expressed about the transition. “I’m excited that I was named to be this. I was fired up when I was picked to be the principal here and then now, three short years later, I’m being named the director of maintenance. I’m just really thankful that I get the opportunity to do it.”

He began his career in education with Waxahachie ISD by coaching and teaching biology at Waxahachie High School, Ninth Grade Academy, and Waxahachie Junior High for seven years. He then transferred to Ennis ISD to aid in the opening of the new high school campus as the assistant principal.

After five years with Ennis, he relocated east to Palmer ISD, working as the curriculum director, which essentially was the assistant superintendent.

Perry wore several hats at Palmer ISD, overseeing not only curriculum but also human resources, and security for about two years. That time in the central office cemented his career aspirations into administration.

Before making the jump to the central office for WISD, he needed to take on the role of principal. When he found out that he was placed at Howard, he was ecstatic.

“This was the one campus where I wanted to be,” Perry relayed. “I wanted to come back to Waxahachie — other than the central office, this was where I wanted to be. I just got lucky.”

But now, he’s looking forward to the future and filling the learning curve. He admitted how prepared he is to take on the additional responsibilities and learn to manage the position.

“I want to get back up to that level where I oversee multiple departments, and this position was just that,” Perry emphasized. “It was something that I haven’t totally done. I’ve done bits and pieces of it.”

For nearly 20 years he’s focused on discipline, curriculum, public relations and running a campus but never the physical aspect of a school. He is eager to learn more about the functionality of a district.

“It’s going to be fun learning that side of the school business, cause it’s one part that I haven’t fully been totally exposed to. Just enough at Palmer to make my mouth water,” Perry elaborated.

“I don’t plan on leaving Waxahachie anytime soon. I want to learn as much as I can to help the schools and make sure they are the best they can be for our kids,” Perry emphasized.

Perry will work under the WISD Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Clyde Melick and will office at the Support Services building on Solon Road.

“As our district continues to grow, it’s necessary that our buildings are maintained properly to ensure they can house students for many years to come,” shared Jenny Bridges, WISD director of communications. “Mr. Perry will help to supervise the district’s master plan of maintenance and beautification for all campuses.”

Bridges also confirmed the district expects to name a new principal for Howard Junior High before the end of the school year.

Melick elaborated on the responsibilities of a director of facilities and operation as primarily "coordinating the efforts of transportation, support service, custodial staff and going between myself and those groups. He will come in and help with the efficiency of the department.”

Melick also pointed out that over 1,000 students have moved to the district over the last several years and with the additional students comes additional square footage to maintain.

"[Perry's] able to realize the economy of scale really in bringing those efficiencies to the district,” Melick emphasized. “[...] He brings a wealth of knowledge from an education standpoint, he’s got a good acumen of construction skills and those types of skills that are needed for facilities and buildings."


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