As more people and businesses make Waxahachie their home, the demand placed on infrastructure continues to grow. With that foresight, city officials decided to begin an $11.3 million expansion of the sewer system to allow growth to continue.

The expansion project is still being mapped out at this time, but construction is estimated to start by the end of the year.

Several elements of the project include upgrading the capacity of two sewer lift stations, the removal of one station on Broadhead Road, and installation of several new sewer lines. Lift stations work to move wastewater from areas of low elevation to high elevation in a sewer system.

Director of Utilities David Bailey stated growth happening north and east of U.S. Highway 287 Bypass and the U.S. Highway 77 intersection in the city is driving the upgrades. He noted these improvements would allow growth to continue and managed efficiently.

“There was a need for infrastructure improvements because the growth was happening so fast. One, in particular, was the Grove Creek Sewer lift station. It collects the wastewater for the northeast end of the city,” Bailey said. “With the rapid growth that we have had that station was beginning to get undersized. What we embarked on here is a multi-phase wastewater capital improvement project.”

Bailey explained that plans had been made to increase the Grove Creek Lift Station’s capacity from 3.7 million gallons of wastewater per day to 7 million. This capacity increase could support the development of 3,500 lots.

A new force main and a new gravity sewer line would be constructed near the station. An emergency generator would be installed due to recent power failures at the Grove Creek station.

The second lift station to be upgraded is located on Mustang Creek. The station capacity would be upgraded from 3.9 million gallons per day to 8.5 million gallons per day. A force main sewer line would be connected to the station.

The project also involves the installation of the new Cole Creek gravity sewer line. This 27-inch line runs from Broadhead Road close to Parks Schoolhouse Road. With the installation of this line, it will create the ability for 1,500 new residential lots to be potentially developed. The city is also looking at bringing water to the site by extending two existing lines.

“The engineering is going on, and the survey work has been completed. Negotiations for easements and for the right of way to bid to build these lines with landowners are ongoing. The design is ongoing with the Cole Creek Line,” Bailey stated. “We are just trying to get ahead of the curve. If you get behind the curve, you stop growth. We want to stay ahead of it and stay progressive. That is the good thing about our council and the management because they are looking ahead.”