Over 100 years ago, clothes were handmade on weaving looms in factories. Becky Eason, the new owner of Paris Market, has three of those eclectic machines for public use.

“Most weavers are picky about their looms. They don’t want you touching their precious looms. But, I want people to know how much fun it is,” Eason explained.

One of her weaving looms dates back more than 100 years. In October 2017, she traveled in a 24-foot Uhaul with her sister to Ohio to pick up the Union Loom Number 36.

In the past, the Union loom was used in a factory and was also purchased by women at home to make some extra money.

“The housewife could purchase it for $39.95,” Eason relayed.

She was lucky that the century-old weaving loom was used its entire existence instead of being kept in a basement.

She took a weaving class about 10 years ago and does not claim to be a master weaver. She admitted utilizing YouTube to learn the majority of what she knows.

“Then, I jumped off a cliff and decided to start a studio,” Eason joked. “I was unemployed for a few years, and this is a way to make a living — I think. And then, I had the opportunity to buy the store.”

Eason has been the official owner of the eclectic shop, Paris Market, since January of 2018. She celebrated her ribbon cutting with the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce on April 12. In the midst of her ownership, she opened an area in the back where people can weave their own rugs on the dated loom.

“It’s been an adventure,” she expressed.

The weaving area is supplied with a variety of fabrics and threads for weaving customers to choose from. She recommends those starting out to create customized rugs. For those interested in weaving, Eason charges $10 a square foot. Weaving time is by appointment only.

Anyone, at any age, can physically weave. It is simple yet, tedious. Eason said the complexity starts before the weaving begins. For instance, Eason prepares the weaving loom with 9,360 yards of thread on the back beam.

“Once it’s warped up — the warp is the tension thread that takes technique and takes practice. And the classes mainly teach you how to warp it. Because if you don’t do it right, it will turn out funny,” Eason explained.

A variety of apparel, rugs, and bags can be weaved on the loom. Eason said she’s the best a making a mess. She’s always had a creative side and joked that her inner child is four years old and likes to color with an oversized crayon. She does woodworking and even crafted a thread holder and a warping mill for her studio. She also does beading, textiles, sewing, and quilting.

Paris Market is located in downtown Waxahachie at 110 S. Rogers St. To make an appointment for a chance to weave on the vintage loom, call 214-463-5309.

Ashley Ford | @aford_news | 469-517-1450