Tina Bohlman, president of the Ellis County Art Association, visited the Rotary Club to explain the art association, its goals and some of its activities. This year is the 60th anniversary since it was started in 1858 with 22 members.

The association wants to bring art to life in Ellis County. They do this by sponsoring and organizing events, instruction and display and sale of art. In the 18 months since they have moved downtown to 113 W. Franklin Street across from the Courthouse, 10,991 visitors have entered their gallery and purchased $34,000 of art. This also shows how many people actually experience the new downtown shops and restaurants.

Thirteen years ago the association began the Plein Aire Painting program. They wanted to document the changing city and its history by painting historic buildings and scenes. Pleine Aire literally means plain air. The artists paint outside following rules as to what they paint and how much time they spend on it. There are awards given, and some of the city is immortalized. Over the next month or so you will see these people painting around town. They will welcome your questions and explain what they are doing. They are helping bring art to life in Ellis County.

For more information visit the association at its gallery at 113 W. Franklin Street or their website at www.elliscountyart.net. Their phone number is 972-937-3414, and a group of eighty volunteers staffs the gallery during business hours.