In a national grassroots campaign to draw attention to the critical public health issue of underage drinking and its impact on individuals, families and the community, Shelley Miller proclaimed April as NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month in Ennis.

Miller, the Coalition Coordinator for IMPACT Ennis, made the announcement March 22 and noted the program will also highlight resources available to help those individuals who are in need. The month-long awareness is in conjunction with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD).

“During the month of April, we will draw attention to the ongoing problem of alcohol abuse, especially among teens in Ennis,” Miller said. “IMPACT Ennis and all its volunteers stand firmly behind the cause of bringing public awareness to the devastating effects of alcohol on young people, especially during the years when their brains are still developing which science says is the mid-20s.”

The 2018 theme— “Changing Attitudes: It’s not a ‘rite of passage” — is designed to draw attention to the many opportunities individuals, families, and communities have to educate young people on the dangers of alcohol use, Miller noted.

"We often forgive underage drinking as a 'rite of passage.' We can simply sit back and hope kids will get through it, or we can change our attitude and take an active role in learning about alcohol and drugs and help young people do the same," she added.

Since 1987, NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month, which is sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, has encouraged local communities to take action to help individuals, families, and children affected by alcoholism.

IMPACT Ennis is one of seven IMPACT Communities coalitions operated by Drug Prevention Resources (DPR) whose mission is to create a drug-free generation through collaboration, innovation, education, and advocacy.

For more information, please visit the DPR website at drugfreegeneration.org.