Eugenio Torres is cooking, delivering and catering his chef-inspired, culturally stirred food to locals. His small business, Fresh N’ Rico, focuses on eating clean and providing meals to a variety of people for an affordable price.

The freshly cooked dishes are unique to his experiences in culinary arts and Puerto Rican heritage. And these recipes are not one that can be found in any cookbook.

“I challenge your foodie interests,” Eugenio dared.

Eugenio currently leases out the kitchen at the Waxahachie Country Club, cooking and packaging meals on Sunday and Tuesdays. On Monday and Wednesdays, he’s on the road delivering meals, catching up with customers, making sure nutritional needs are met.

“We encourage a healthy lifestyle. Plus, we encourage you to get us involved in your life,” Eugenio shared.

“That is his gift in life,” Eugenio’s wife, Tifani, added. “He enjoys the relationship part of it more than anything, and I think you miss that when ordering online. We know our people by name that we are cooking for every week.”

Eugenio is currently working with 22 families a week but has the end-goal of eventually serving about 200 families a week. The low-carb portions are appropriate for one person, and calories vary from 300 to 550 per dish.

“Our clientele who have been attracted to us are busy,” Eugenio emphasized. “The doctors that want to go to the gym but still want to eat dinner with their families, the teachers, and athletes. But the options are not here [in Waxahachie].”

The people he works with are not only on favorable schedules but others who are focusing on weight loss, those who are bodybuilders and most just want to eat clean and fresh. Rico N’ Fresh also caters to businesses and parties for that healthy, delicious alternative to wings and chips.

Eugenio can also whip up a meal based on dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Not only does his fresh food follow the clean eating, but as well as his cooking methods.

“With me being a chef, meals come with three components to them. Instead of having your vegetable, starch and protein, I have salsas, garnishes and a crunch factor. It’s just like sitting in a restaurant,” Eugenio stressed.

His favorite meal is the lettuce wrap, rice bowl dish that mirrors the one from Pei Wei Asian Eatery. It has all natural ground chicken with mushrooms and water chestnuts, jasmine rice, with an Asian slaw. He also suggests the teriyaki pan-seared salmon that’s served with ginger-jasmine rice. Another go-to is a jerk-rub pork loin with plantains, which is basically on every dish in the Caribbean.

“We have a weekly menu that goes together with a weekly plan. That is $55 for the five meals, and they will receive three meals on Monday and two meals on Wednesday,” he explained.

If it is a delivery that’s over 30 miles, there is a $7 delivery charge. He will deliver to Midlothian, Waxahachie, Ennis, Rice and Corsicana. They also offer a la carte meals. If the dish is on the weekly menu, it is $11. But if it’s a meal that’s offered off the weekly meal then it’s $13.

Fresh N’ Rico operated in Weatherford before the Torres family made a move to Midlothian. But Eugenio’s background in cooking displays exotic meals with taste and color.

“It’s the cultural influence of our food that sets us apart. We are big travelers so everywhere we go he wants to stop at the most local looking restaurant. He truly takes in all of that experience and incorporates it into his meals,” Tifani elaborated.

If interested, a person can order online at www.freshnrico.com. Thursday night is the deadline for the following week’s order. The following week, meals are delivered twice within the week to assure freshness. Heating instructions are printed on the microwavable container.

Customers using to promo code "DAILY LIGHT" get 10 percent off their first weekly plan.


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