To the Editor,

And now it out there. Those of us that find fault, in whatever, whenever, wherever will do so. That is what they do, in their minds, to make change for the better. And they want our votes. An oxymoron actually, taking the mindset of the adolescent to try to affect the world of advanced, logical affairs of a collective of those who choose to act in a respectful civil manner in the matters of local government. The whining child does not deserve the same attention as one who can make a point by using the grace of proper conduct and the ability to entertain a thought contrary to their own without feeling forced to accept it. Our government is a product of mature intellects, not the playground of the emotionally unrestrained. That is the way of civil people. That is the way things get done.

Government, especially local, is not a entity apart from any of us. It is us. It didn't land here on a space ship or was sent by a tyrannical regime funded by out of town billionaires and power brokers wanting to establish their vision of government over that organic to what we that live here decide, as much as they tried by importing agents of that fringe that continually try to establish a foothold in our fair community. Our local elections represents ourselves. Our local boards and councils are made up of our neighbors, our friends and members of our community who wish nothing more to give us a government of effective optimism to advance our quality of life here in Waxahachie.

Local elections are soon to happen. Many good people are running to serve us. A few to serve themselves or foreign agendas. Some will point to what is right, to what is good and to what can be done to improve our community to be a better place to live in a positive manner. Some will point at past things or base their campaigns with constant negativity.

When we vote, we vote for a representative of ourselves. We need to ask if a candidate runs a campaign not representing our decency, the way we treat other people, or even the conduct of how we want our government to act, then what will we be voting for? For an elected candidate will act in office as they have trying to be elected. Is that what we want? Is that how we want be represented?

Please take the time to research all candidates. Move beyond the yard signs and social media posts. Look into their pasts and see just how they have conducted themselves both in governmental engagements and personal conduct. For they will be representing us. Ask yourself, is that how I want be represented? By their optimistic outlook and ability to act in a effective, civil manner? Or by their proclamations of constant discontent and their vulgarity of conduct?

Its your vote. Greater yet, it's your government. And beyond that, it's your town. Does it represent you? Why not?

Alan Fox, Waxahachie