Read, pray, think, write, repeat = the life of a pastor. Here’s what I’m thinking right now. I think we make everyday life lot harder than it has to be. We tend to think about the wrong things, we don’t have the kind of faith that moves mountains (what does that even mean), fear is our god therefore we worry - if the Bible had one single message it might be God saying, “Trust Me, I’ve got this!”

How much time have you wasted with anxiety, feeling the blues, angry and frustrated? In my business, we call this “a lack of faith.” God says that without it we can’t please Him (Hebrews 11:6), ouch! The church might be full of “non-God-pleasers?” Say it ain’t so!

It’s going to be hard to believe because I know you think I’m perfect but once (okay, it might have been more than once but not more than 5 or 6 times) I skipped Algebra class so I could hit the Pizza Hut buffet early. It’s a long story, but this particular day I drove my mother’s car into a flash flood, the car stalled - it was one of those times that you know you have to call your dad (because your problem is so great no one else can solve it for you) and your priest (because your dad is going to kill you). In my case, my dad was my pastor, so it was one call.

The college junior that used to live at our house was home last week for Spring Break, the whole flooded out car, the school-skipping thing got brought up, and she asked me what would happen if she had driven the family car (is that still a thing) into a flash flood. She thinks she’s special (and she is) and that because of that she would get a free pass. This philosophy major (can you say grad school is in the future) is right I would have given a walk but not because of who she is, but rather because of where I’m at in life. I know what normal looks like. Kids skip out, cars dry out, and the Sun comes out.

If the other three kids would have done something as foolish as I did there would have been a lot of yelling, anger, hurt feelings and regrets. Regret is a cuss word. What I’m saying is I’d rather get a case of the shingles than a case of the regrets. My point is trust God (have faith that does the impossible) and lives a life without regrets. God is for you, and I am too. He told me to tell you that.