A family-owned snow cone shop in Red Oak is putting a new spin on their business by staying open year-round and broadening the products they sell to include gourmet coffee and smoothies.

It’s been four months since Jeannine Orhmundt and her brother took over the Sno-To-Go storefront shop on Ovilla Road and Orhmundt said they’re doing things differently than their competition.

“We’re open year round, which is not something many snow cone places do,” Orhmundt said. “But, we want to be more than just snow cones, so this month we added coffee and smoothies. If Starbucks has it, we have it.”

But even their coffee’s come with a snow cone inspired twist. Instead of frappuccinos, Sno-To-Go sells “snowpuccinos” using their signature Louisiana style snowball ice – making their frozen coffee ultra smooth.

Orhmundt got interested in the snowball business after her brother purchased a snow cone trailer over the summer and asked Orhmundt for help working it. Orhmundt loved the business so much, when their friends put up the Sno-To-Go store for sale, Orhmundt and her brother knew they had to buy it.

“I fell in love with it because it’s so much fun,” Orhmundt said. “Everyone who comes in is happy. It doesn't matter if it’s a three-year-old or a 90-year-old everyone is happy to have a snow cone.”

Orhmundt, having already owned a private jet interior design business with her husband, didn’t have to learn how to manage the financials but has been learning what flavor mixes make combinations that are unique to their shop.

“This is something we’re moving into,” she said. “As we get older, all the worldwide travel that everyone thinks is so glamorous isn’t as appealing to us as it used to be. We like this because we get to stay home more. “

Currently, the shop boasts more than 50 flavors and add-ins that account for hundreds of possible combinations.

Though the shop is currently open, Sno-To-Go plans to have a grand opening at the beginning of their spring season in March. In addition to their storefront location, Sno-To-Go has a snow cone trailer that they bring to cater private events like baby showers, corporate parties, festivals, and weddings.