Local Boy Scout Troop 232 has been successfully preparing young men for leadership for 74 years with the support of the Waxahachie Rotary Club. Chartered in 1944, both organizations focus on the community, helping others, and seeing that Waxahachie flourishes. It is a natural partnership that continues today. Troop 232 is already preparing for their 75th Celebration and is looking for any past Scouts, scout leaders, and Rotarians that have memorabilia that can be shared for the event.

Nick Taylor, Troop 232 Committee Chair, presented the Boy Scouts successes for 2017 and their goals for the upcoming year to the Waxahachie Rotary Club. “The troop continues to practice and instill the main pillars of the Boy Scouts, and has received the Journey to Excellence Award – Gold Level this year and for several years prior.” There are currently over 40 boy scouts and 27 adults active in Troop 232, and it continues to draw in more participants and volunteers. These young men are responsible for working over 500 hours of community service to complete five different projects in the community; which include Little Free Pantries, picnic tables for the city, sidewalk repair at the SPCA, and park renovation work. Adults may put to practice the Boy Scouts’ core value of community service by volunteering for the Boy Scouts. “We need folks that can teach one of our 139 merit badge topics, who can serve as troop leaders, or who can help with fundraisers,” said Taylor.

In 2017, scouts earned 132 merit badges. There were 37 rank advancements, of which five were new Eagle Scouts. Some of the lessons are accomplished outside of the meeting cabin and in a campground. Last year, boy scouts logged over 300 nights of camping. Boys learned kayaking, basic camping skills, cooking, and hiking. Anyone can join scouts as a Boy Scout or Cub Scout. “It is a great way to teach life and leadership skills to kids that might otherwise spend too much screen time,” Taylor noted. There is also financial assistance to families that may need help covering dues.

2019 marks 75 years that the Boy Scouts have been in Waxahachie and partnering with the Waxahachie Rotary Club. The group meets in the cabin at Chapman Park, which is also available for use by other organizations upon request. The Rotary Club built the cabin as part of their service to the community. The Scouts have had such a positive impact on the community in the past, they are eager to celebrate their 75 years and need the assistance of anyone that was involved with the Cub Scouts that can share memorabilia or photographs. Troop 232 can be contacted via their website at http://www.troop232.org/contact-us/.