This city is deserving of people who care more for its well-being than their own. That should be indisputable. Same goes for the County. Sadly, what we’ve witnessed throughout a few political campaigns in recent weeks are behaviors that fall dreadfully short of anything resembling that.

The Bible, a book some of the most hateful people I’ve seen often cite, tells us that there will come a time when what is wrong will be considered right and what is bitter will be sweet. Call me crazy, but I’m convinced we’re in those very days now … and I’m talking locally. Should you doubt me, consider the following:

People with nefarious pasts not only believing they are worthy of holding public office, but who spend countless time broadcasting what they believe are the wrongs of others,

People who’ve run for local office and lost now portending to be political experts and qualified psycho-analysts capable of judging the hearts and motives of those actually serving the community. You’ll know these folks by how often they use words like “corrupt,” “the establishment,” “liars,” etc. These folks, if enabled, will drain a community of its goodness. Free speech notwithstanding, we’re just as free to isolate such folks so as to mitigate their desire to damage. That’s why I’ve written about them from time to time.

Those who use social soundbites to draw wild conclusions about all sorts of things … truth be damned. Facebook is euphoric to these people in that it provides a platform by which their shallow conclusions can be drawn and then spread. The Kitna saga, the change in city manager last summer and the impact of bond referendums are but a few examples of how people with little knowledge of the truth refuse to let it stand in the way of inflammatory, false claims.

Otherwise ordinary people obsessed with destroying others are aplenty in this city and it’s both deeply infuriating and sad. I’ve spent many an hour with those in public office who have a heart for others and a desire to serve who deal daily with vicious, outrageous accusations coming from small-minded people captivated with personal vendettas and dull axes to grind.

A cadre of some defense attorneys in town who continue claiming the purity of their clients on social networks while impugning prosecutors as evil, deplorable people. These ‘counselors’ are also known for touting how tough they are, how Godly they behave and how every defendant they represent is as good as gold … despite the behaviors of those defendants that landed them in trouble in the first place. It’s a classic example of wrong is right and bitter is sweet. I learned a long time ago that people using such tactics are often insecure and fearful and hard at work masking both.

I came to Waxahachie nearly four years ago and, in more ways than I can count, am deeply grateful for the opportunity to live here. The essence of this community is far greater than those who seek to fracture it and the future far brighter than the darkness surrounding those I describe above. Our city is healthy not by happenstance, but by people who work hard to make it so. The school district, despite challenges associated with growth and change, continues making strides to be a better district. With new trustees soon to sit on the school board and with what I hope will be far less politics and drama, the future is promising. Our economy is strong, unemployment is low, development is occurring everywhere, an abundance of churches are keeping us grounded and our children are learning from some of the best teachers on the planet. Those are undeniable truths and should be what defines Waxahachie. Anyone telling you different is attempting to mislead you.

No one achieves greatness by tearing others down and no city fulfills its potential by allowing those with such motives to have any meaningful impact. Let’s be proud to be a part of this extraordinary city and let’s do our part, big or small, to make it better.

And, for Heaven’s sake, let’s keep right as right and sweet as sweet.