The second publicly-held rezoning meeting for a potential change to Waxahachie ISD displayed the final maps for elementary schools, junior high schools as well as a secondary-elementary plan. District leaders also discussed school choice options and neighborhood schools.

Within the school choice options, Shelley Blaylock, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, said the district would give parents options if they desired their child to attend a school with a lesser capacity.

“If we have low classroom capacity in some places — the option to give our residents a choice to say, ‘Hey, I’d like to really go to this other campus. Is there any other place you have room in the district?’ That is something we are also willing to look at,” Blaylock explained.

WISD Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn said the district would also incorporate “neighborhood schools” at the junior high level. If a resident lives half a mile to a junior high school, and they are rezoned to go elsewhere, the district will give a choice to attend the school nearby.

When analyzing proposed map No. 2 for the elementary rezoning, the district showed it to have the most equitable zones out of the three that were previously presented. The percentage of economically disadvantaged students was distributed best with this map. But, the forecast report showed by the 2021-2022 school year, Clift, Felty and Wedgeworth elementary schools will all exceed functional capacity. Moreover, buildings will be at 85 to 90 percent capacity.

When functional capacity is met, the district begins looking at bringing in portables, building new schools and considers rezoning.

Trent Smith with Templeton Demographics has worked on the current and previous rezoning projects for WISD. When analyzing economic and housing growth, Smith said rezoning in the next three years is unavoidable.

“You will probably have to look at this again in three years. I want you to understand the speed of how Waxahachie is growing. Anticipating that, we wanted to get the most equitable campus zones,” Smith elaborated.

Concluding the meeting, district leaders encouraged parents to check out the primary and secondary elementary school maps. The only difference between the two maps is that the second map has Buffalo Ridge and Carson Heights neighborhoods behind the movie theater attending Felty instead of Marvin.

There will be a review and possible approval of Waxahachie ISD 2018 Rezoning Plan on March 19 by the Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees. Between March and April, the district plans to publish the final rezoning plan. Rezoning maps can be found at www.wisd.org.


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