Employees with Citizens National Bank of Texas donated portions of their paychecks and hosted fundraising opportunities to fund United Way of West Ellis County. The bank handed off a big check to the nonprofit totaling at $42,955 on March 6.

Citizens National Bank of Texas employees donated money to the United Way employee giving campaign, and the bank matched the total amount. Employees went the extra mile by volunteering with Meals on Wheels to see how their donations are affecting locals in Ellis County.

Chelsea Getzendaner, a personal banker with CNB, delivered Meals on Wheels at a local nursing home and socialized with residents during her time.

“I enjoyed being at the nursing home. We stopped and talked to a few ladies. I was so heartwarming to see what our presence did for them,” Getzendaner elaborated.

She mentioned the soulful stories she heard at the nursing home and how loving the residents were, hugging her goodbye. This was her first time to deliver Meals on Wheels but plans to return in the future.

CNB has also incorporated other branches to partake in the donations with giveaways and local raffles.

Casey Ballard, Executive Director of United Way of West Ellis County, said CNB has been a long-term partner.


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