To the Editor,

We have known Judge Carol Bush for over 20 years, since before she added the title of Judge. We are blessed to call her a friend, and are proud to have her represent us in the local government. We have found her to be an intelligent, caring person of outstanding integrity with an ability to see the potential in Ellis County.

Reading some of the glowing reviews of Carol’s commitment to the County, and her accomplishments while in office, makes us feel pretty special for having such a person in our circle of friends.

Since taking office, we have seen Judge Bush work on improving the financial outlook of the County, with excellent results. She is an active community member and is a fierce advocate for children. The safety and welfare of the residents of Ellis County has been made a priority.

Reading Carol’s list of accomplishments makes it clear why we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like with our friend. She’s a busy person, and she’s dedicated to working, and working hard, for all of us. And she wants to continue doing so.

If things are going this well for Ellis County, why would we want to chance a change? We intend to vote to Keep Judge Carol Bush and invite you to join us.

Rob and Nancy Nelson, Waxahachie