The votes have been tallied across Ellis County and several tight primary races are now official.

For those unaware, majority vote determines winners in primary elections in Texas. In the case that no candidate receives more than the 50 percent of votes cast, the top two candidates proceed to a runoff election Tuesday, May 22.

In the fierce race for the Republican candidate for Ellis County Judge, incumbent Carol Bush (6,600 votes, 42.88 percent) and challenger Todd Little (4,951 votes, 32.17 percent) edged Rodney Ramsey (3,839 votes, 24.94 percent). Bush and Little will need a runoff to decide the Republican seat and determine who will face Democratic candidate JR Phillips (3,552 votes) in November.

Current Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge defeated challenger Charlie Daniels, capturing 13 percent more of the Republican vote — 56.19 to 43.81. Edge officially retains his role as the county sheriff as there is no Democratic challenger.

Similarly, incumbent Lane Grayson defeated challenger Ron Gillespie (68.99 percent to 31.01) to retain the seat as Ellis County Commission Pct. 3. Grayson and Gillespie ran as Republicans with no Democratic challengers.

In the race for Ellis County Justice of the Peace Pct. 3, Dan Cox (388 votes, 60.16 percent) defeated Erik Test (144 votes) and Theresa Peel (113 votes) with 60.16 percent of the vote to win the Republican nomination. Sharon Levinston captured 54.13 percent of the vote to defeat Broderick Sargent (27.19 percent) and Tyron Davis (126 percent) for the Democratic seat. Levinston and Cox will face each other in November.

The race for the judge's place in the 378th Judicial District Court of Ellis County resulted in neither of the four Republican candidates — William Wallace, Shani Flemins, Stacy Auvenshine or Ed Jendrzey — reaching the 50-percent plateau. However, it will be Wallace (5,734 votes, 41.51 percent) and Flemins (3,144 votes, 22.76 percent) who will head into the May 22 runoff.

There was no Democratic opponent in the race for the seat.

The full results are listed below.


*Won the party's primary seat.

@Won the party's primary seat and is running unopposed in the general election.

#Runoff needed.

Name | Total | Percentage

County Judge

#(R) Carol Bush 6,600 42.88

#(R) Todd Little 4,951 32.17

(R) Rodney Pat Ramsey 3,839 24.94

*(D) JR Philips 3,553 100.00

County Court at Law Judge One

@(R) Jim Chapman 12,006 100.00

County Court at Law Judge Two

@(R) A. Gene Calvert, Jr 12,239 100.00

District Clerk

*(R) Melanie Reed 11,536 86.79

(R) Mimi S. McBroom 1,756 13.21

*(D) Shawn-Dana S. Dalton 3,545 100.00

County Clerk

#(R) Krystal Valdez 6,101 44.24

#(R) Jessica Irwin 5,091 36.92

(R) Denise DeLara 2,599 18.85

*(D) Vicki Alcala Spaniel 3,634 100.00


@(R) Charles E. "Chuck" Edge 7,913 56.19

(R) Charles "Charlie" Daniels 6,170 43.81

County Treasurer

*(R) Cheryl Chambers 11,833 100.00

*(D) Jake Hibbard 3,519 100.00

County Commissioner Pct 2

@(R) Lane Grayson 2,450 68.99

(R) Ron Gillespie 1,101 31.01

County Commissioner Pct 4

@(R) Kyle Butler 3,395 100.00

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1

#(R) Chris Macon 1,357 35.36

#(R) Randy Owen 1,207 31.45

(R) Joyce Lindauer 682 17.77

(R) Cynthia Billingsley 352 9.17

(R) Tommy Aguilar 240 6.25

*(D) Monica Mosley Spencer 798 100.00

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

*(R) Jackie Miller Jr 3,608 100.00

*(D) Hector Tamayo 746 100.00

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

*(R) Dan Cox 388 60.16

(R) Erik Test 144 22.33

(R) Theresa Peel 113 17.52

*(D) Sharon Levinston 340 53.13

(D) Broderick Sargent 174 27.19

(D) Tyron Davis 126 19.69

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

*(R) Steve Egan 4,907 100.00

*(D) Greg Hellings 1,504 100.00

Constable Precinct 3

*(R) Michael McCorkle 534 100.00

*(D)Curtis Polk Jr. 482 75.91

(D) Henry Curry 153 24.09

40th Judicial District Court

@(R) Bob Carroll 12,403 100.00

378th Judicial District Court

#(R) William (Doug) Wallace 5,734 41.51

#(R) Shani Flemins 3,713 26.88

(R) Stacy Auvenshine 3,144 22.76

(R) Ed Jendrzey 1,223 8.85


* Won the party's primary seat.

@ Won the party's primary seat and is running unopposed in the general election.

# Runoff needed.