Tuesday, State Representative John Wray endorsed Retired Commander Jake Ellzey in his bid for Texas’ 6th Congressional District.

“Jake Ellzey has a distinguished record of service and a conservative vision for America,” Wray said. “In 2014, Jake may have been my political opponent, but in reality, we have always shared a commitment to the conservative values Texans hold dear. He is the best candidate for Congress because he is a man of character and backbone, and he will be relentless about defending our nation. I am proud to support my friend and fellow conservative Jake Ellzey to be our next Congressman.”

Jake Ellzey is a former Navy fighter pilot who dropped bombs at Tora Bora and later served in the Anbar Province alongside the Navy SEALs coordinating air support for their missions in Iraq. Ellzey was also “Air Boss” on the U.S.S. Reagan.

“I am running for Congress to be a voice for conservative North Texas values,” said Ellzey. “I want to balance the budget, reduce the size of government and the regulatory reach of agencies, defend our nation from all threats at home and abroad, and expand liberty and opportunity for my fellow citizens.”

“I am honored to have Representative Wray’s endorsement as our campaign builds critical momentum heading into election day,” said Ellzey. “We do not need to fill Congress with status quo, career politicians. The issues in Washington are urgent, and require new leaders with the courage to vote our values.”

Jake lives in Ellis County with his wife, Shelby, and their two young children. Jake is a commercial airline pilot and a small business owner. Find out more at www.ellzeyforcongress.com.