The candidates for Ellis County Commissioner Pct. 2 include Republicans Lane Grayson (incumbent) and Ron Gillespie. Kyle Butler (incumbent) is the only candidate for Ellis County Commissioner Pct. 4 and did not respond to the questionnaire.

1. What background and previous experiences do you think will benefit you if chosen to serve the role of county commissioner?

Lane Grayson: It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as the current Ellis county commissioner for precinct 2 since January of 2015. During this time, I have implemented many critical changes in labor management, maintenance procedures and improvement in the choice of materials that are used in our daily processes. For over sixteen years as a service contractor I provided skilled labor for the manufacturing community on all types of process equipment. Managing projects from design through start up while overseeing cost controls of labor, contract labor, materials and employee safety, has certainly been beneficial to me as I work for the citizens of Ellis county. I have been able to implement fundamental practices of construction management from the private sector in our road and bridge operations and it has brought with it a much improved standard of accountability for all the resources that we are responsible for.

Ron Gillespie: The commissioners' salary is $80,660 a year. I WILL NOT TAKE THE SALARY. I will ask the Court to give it to Road at Bridge for Pct 2.

I have sold all my property, business, and equipment. I love this County and the people. I live on the Highest Point in Waxahachie.

I sit on my porch and see the Courthouse, Jail, and Courts. Some have questioned my age. I am the same age as President Trump. If he can run the Country, I can surely take care of a County. My family came here in 1906 and built the First Cotton Gin in Avalon where there is still one today. I have served on the Court before. Was County Judge for 3 Months. My name is on the Jail, so all the Criminals will know I helped give them a place to stay. I Farmed and Ranched, Owned my own Insurance Agency, was the Top Salesman for Ennis Business Forms Nationwide, a Construction Business, and Equipment Business. I started building Roads and Bridges when I was 14, with my Dad. I worked for TxDOT in both the Maintenance and Engineer Division. I served on the Council of Governments and got grants For Bardwell, Ennis, and Garret.

I know how too get things done. I know the members of the court and can work with them do great things for this County. We are seeing growth like never before, but the South portion is still Agriculture and remains that way because of Water. I understand that and the farmers and ranchers needs. Some have questioned my motive on not taking the salary. I have always heard Don't Look a Gifted Horse in the Mouth. I would appreciate your vote.

2. We all know the county is growing inside the various city limits. The growth is also putting additional stresses on county-maintained roads, buildings, and budgets. If elected, what are a few areas of concern you’d like to address and why?

Lane Grayson: It is estimated that Ellis county will reach a population of over 200, 000 people by the year 2020. With this increase, there will be a much greater demand on our current infrastructure and our current budget. One of greatest concerns for county roads is the need for increasing the standards to which we use for their construction so that the durability and longevity can be increased. In precinct Two we have begun a process of cement soil stabilization on our first major thoroughfare roadway that will increase its lifespan by many years. This increased standard will bring safer, longer lasting roadways for years to come. By the end of 2018 our precinct in Ellis County will have the most linear miles of cement stabilized roads for our residents.

Ron Gillespie: Did not answer.

3. As a county commissioner, you are elected to serve the community at-large. If elected, what type of dialog do you plan to create between your office and the public?

Lane Grayson: As an elected officer of the commissioners court, my greatest responsibility is to be the best steward of the resources afforded to us by our taxpayers. To do this, it requires communication. Since taking office, I have held multiple town hall meetings throughout this precinct where we have given updates on county wide issues such as, roadway improvements, tax rates, illegal dumping, emergency management, VA services and other departments. Good communications comes with good customer service. Our road and bridge staff has responded to over 1000 constituent requests for our citizens. Our staff is committed to customer first priorities every day for our citizens. Our office is open daily for calls or appointments at the convenience of our residents. For those individuals who have busy work schedules, I personally open my office for constituent meetings every first Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm for anyone who has a question or concern regarding their county government. No appointment is needed.

Ron Gillespie: Did not answer.

4. What is your view about the current state of the county from an economic and infrastructure standpoint? If there are shortcomings how do you plan to address them?

Lane Grayson: Our county is experiencing tremendous economic growth. With this growth there is a greater demand for resources. Resources for road improvements, courts, and essential services from our first responders, just to name a few. Fortunately, this development of our communities has led to more revenues for these services. It is a very delicate balance between available revenues from increased development and the ability to continue providing these services to our residents. I am committed to continue evaluating the ability to which our departments, both elected and non-elected, operate within the constraints of their budgets, while finding ways to improve customer service and our own professional development.

Ron Gillespie: Did not answer.

5. What are some of the goals that you hope to achieve if elected?

Lane Grayson: My goals will continue to be to improve the planning efforts for our county through an updated comprehensive development plan and the completion of an updated county wide thoroughfare plan. I will remain diligent in providing constant communication to our residents regarding how we spend their tax dollars.

Ron Gillespie: Did not answer.