Most everyone I know is looking for something to make them happier or to even just be happy period. Put God first. You say, “Every corner I turn, it seems I’m being hit with one thing after another. Put God first. My finances are in shambles to a point, I don’t think I will ever dig out of this mess. Put God first.

Most people do not do that though. They try to mask the desperate feeling that they have by using sex, drugs, and alcohol to push down the feelings of despair deeper and deeper and they keep abusing themselves until they think they cannot feel it any longer, praying this time. Hopefully, it will never come back.

But it always comes back, and it comes back harder and stronger.

It’s a vicious cycle that is repeated over and over, thus creating a monstrous hole of despair called addiction and a feeling of hopelessness.

No wonder the suicide rate is through the roof. Did you know that absolutely no one wants to kill themselves, they just want the pain to stop. They just want the pain to go away.

It is agonizing to see the looks on faces of those who have lost their loved ones to suicide. There are no words to describe that look, and it’s something you never forget. I have often said, if the clock could just fast forward for the person thinking of taking their own life, just for them to see exactly what it does to their family, they would never do it.

You have listened to the lies of Satan for so long, you no longer believe that God can help you or that He is really even there. “What’s God going to do for me anyway right? He stopped loving me a long time ago, you say.”

All lies from Satan to push you down further.

I’m here to inform you that with just one whisper to God to help you, will summon a host of Angels and so much of God’s love you wouldn’t be able to contain it. All God is waiting on is for you to look up and say, “Help me, Lord. I need you. Please help me and forgive me of my sins.”

You do have a choice. You can either continue the path you are on and continue listening to the lies of the one who seeks to steal, kill and destroy your life or you can look to God and ask Him to take away all of the despair you are feeling. He is the only one who can and the only one who will.

Important Note: Nothing and I mean nothing of this world will ever fill up your soul like God. Nothing can and nothing will; only God himself can do that.

May I tell you how you are able to get it? Satan tells you that you have to work for it and you have to work and work until one day years from now you might just be good enough for God to maybe love you and help you.

Truth is, we don’t receive God’s love through works or being good enough. We will never be good enough. When Jesus came to this Earth and died on the cross for our sins, He paid the way for you and I to be able to stand before God and to receive His love.

So how do we receive God’s love and help in our lives? How do we get filled up? We just simply ask Him. It’s all He is waiting for.

Pray this prayer:

Father, you see me, and you see the mess I’m in. I cannot do it any longer Lord. I need your help and salvation. Please help me, Lord. Forgive me of all my sins. I’m turning to you, and I’m trusting my life to you dear Lord. Please take away this pain that I’ve carried for so long and fill me up with your love and goodness.


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