We had a very enjoyable time with family and friends on a cruise to Cozumel last week. One of the most memorable times for me was going up onto an upper deck on the ship while we were out in the middle of the Gulf, and watching the sunrise. On the ride home Friday morning, taking in the ocean air and drinking coffee, and watching anxiously toward the east for the sun to rise, three thoughts came to me.

(1) I sat there in awe of God's handiwork just listening to Him gently speak. It wasn't an audible voice -- it was louder! Viewing the vastness of the high seas as it segued into the partly cloudy skies, and then to see the sun finally break through and kiss the horizon was a sight to behold. Who else but our sovereign God could create such wonders? And He did it ages ago by saying the simple words, "Let there be. . .” I have had these thoughts before, but just being in the stillness of the moment, up topside of the ship, gazing across the waters of the Gulf of Mexico really brought it home to me.

(2) I sat there in awe of God’s perfect timing. Admittedly, I grew slightly impatient, wanting that sun to hurry it up. I was ready to see the light show. Then it occurred to me, “Isn’t that so like us to want something, and want it now? And isn’t that so like our wonderful God in Heaven to just continue to follow His own timetable — a timetable that He perfectly scheduled in eternities past. He has kept perfect records of each split second the sun broke through and dissipated the darkness. Finally, the sun came — exactly at the right time — on God’s time. I’m so thankful for the infinite wisdom God exercises in keeping on His own divine schedule. When we operate on His schedule, things turn out so much better than when we seek to yield to our own.

(3) I sat there remembering what I read in scripture about the need Jesus felt to have those quiet times alone with His Father in Heaven. Jesus relished those times with God — up in the high place — out in the desert place — alone with His Father — momentarily escaping all the chatter and noise of everyday life - to be alone with - and to commune with His Heavenly Father.

And that time alone with God is His prescription for all of us. “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)