More than two months have passed, and a community is still searching for answers related to the murder of Clifton Jackson III. Waxahachie Police are still receiving new information and following any leads brought to them.

“We are still actively working it. We have gotten a number of leads and they have gone in a number of directions," Police Chief Wade Goolsby said. "We are still plugging away at it and are hoping for that crucial piece of information that will solve it for us. We are hoping again that anyone who has information to either call us or call crime stoppers.”

Jackson was murdered Dec.10 in the 100 block of Frierson Street. Police officers were dispatched to the residence at about 4:53 a.m. after Jackson's girlfriend notified police following multiple failed attempts to reach him by phone. Officers found Jackson dead inside the home of an apparent gunshot wound.

Goolsby stated that biggest difficulty in the case is starting from the ground up and working outward.

“We are still looking for the person that did the offense. At this point, it is an open book. Part of a normal investigation is working though rumors and determining what is fact and what is not,” Goolsby explained. “That is kind of the stuff that we are working on right now and we are actively working on it. We are talking with people every day.”

Jackson’s mother, Corliss Jackson, previously shared that her faith in God has helped her to remain strong during this time.

“I really think that they (the police) are trying hard to find out who did this. I really do. My daughter and granddaughter and people in the community whenever they hear something they go straight to the police station,” Corliss stated. “That makes me feel really good too because I have different people coming to me saying, 'I heard something from so and so and I am going straight to the police station.' The community has been really been trying to solve this case too.”

Matlyn Frazier, Jackson’s girlfriend, shared previously that it has been hard not having the answers about Jackson’s murder. She stated at times communication has been difficult, but they continue to pass along information they receive to police.

“He is still in my thoughts. We still are thinking about him. I wish that whoever did this would come forward or if they know anything,” Frazier said.

Frazier explained that Jackson always encouraged people to do their best each day seeing the potential they had.

“I can hear him saying you are going to get through this and you are going to be all right. I still believe in you. Things that he used to tell me have been helping me make it through the day,” Frazier recalled. “I am going to have my good days, and I am going to have my bad days. I know that. So all I can do is try to push myself forward.”

Goolsby encourages the public who has information to come forward and share it with detectives. He stated again that the case has not hit a standstill and the department is actively working it.

“We still have active information, and we are actively pursuing information. It is not a circumstance where we have hit all dead ends, and we have not place to go,” Goolsby stated. “We are definitely getting information and following up those pieces of information and where that leads us."

People who have information about Jackson’s murder can contact the Waxahachie Police Department at 469-309-4400. The department is located at 216 N. College St. in downtown Waxahachie.

If people have information but would like to remain anonymous please contact Crime Stoppers of Ellis County at 972-937-7297. Crimes Stoppers pays cash for tips that help lead to an arrest.