To the Editor,

I have known Shani Flemins for a number of years both personally and professionally. Shani attends church where my family are members and has taught Sunday school and spoken numerous times when I have visited . She is a dedicated Christian who practices her faith with consistency, integrity and compassion. She is an excellent Bible teacher who has studied and does a masterful job at presenting the Scriptures.

I have also utilized her legal expertise in dealing with a family legal issue. She handled my case with precision, thoroughness and the utmost of professionalism. Her command of family law and her confidence in the court is something to see as well as experience. We were successful in our efforts due to her skill in the practice of law.

I highly recommend Shani Flemins for the 378th Judicial District Court. She will be a positive influence in the courts and a real asset to all those living in Ellis County. There is no one more qualified, with more experience, with more passion and dedication than Shani. I hope you will consider voting for her. She will not disappoint her constituents.


Randy Langford, former Ellis County resident