For the past four years, Krystal Hughes has been in the business of creating smiles. Hughes is the owner of Jane Dough Bake House in Midlothian, which creates tasty treats for any occasion. From birthday parties to weddings Hughes can make a customer’s vision for that special occasion come true.

The path to becoming a baker was realized when Hughes was a student at the University of North Texas while pursuing a fine arts photography degree.

“In my last semester my professor was like ‘write down your dreams for the rest of your life and this semester we are going to work towards those whether it has anything to do with photography or not,’” Hughes said. “I had been baking for fun for family and friends up until that point and I thought that would be a really fun thing to do for a living. We started drafting out a business plan and where to go from there after college. It took a couple of years to get it up and running after college. That is how it started.”

Hughes stated that after college she worked for Dallas food photographer Kevin Marple for two years before starting the bakery in her home.

One of the reasons that customers crave Hughes’ creations is because of the taste. Jane Dough Bake House uses local organic ingredients in its food. No substitutes are used in its products.

“We have a strong dedication to use local and organic ingredients. All of our eggs are (purchased) right down the road from our house from a place called Hidden Honey Farm. If we ever use honey in our recipes, we get our honey from them,” Hughes noted. “All of the base ingredients like our flour, our sugar, and our milk are organic. We have a strict quality standard in our ingredients. We don't use preservatives, corn syrup, and things like that.”

Hughes explained that the difference between something made with high-quality chocolate, unbleached flour, and fair trade organic sugar versus items purchased from the grocery store can be tasted in the final product.

“Everything that we do is from scratch. We don’t buy any mixes for anything. If anyone wants anything extra on top like Marzipan we make it in-house,” Hughes stated. “We are really dedicated to doing it right and doing it ourselves. It is really fun.”

An item that the bakery has become known for is its Chocolate Coma Cake, which Hughes describes as “super fudgy, moist and delicious.”

The cake has hints of coffee and cinnamon. It is then topped with the person’s favorite candy. Melted chocolate is then sprinkled all over the cake.

“The cake is intense,” Hughes remarked. “You have to share it with friends or you will go into a food coma, but it is delicious.”

The bakery can also accommodate a person's special dietary needs as well.

“If a person has celiac disease (gluten allergy) we wipe down the kitchen from head to toe. For those who have celiac, it is not just an actual discomfort but it is an actual allergy. It can be dangerous for them," Hughes stated. "We are the only bakery in town that we know of that can accommodate for celiac. There are bakeries that have gluten-free options but because it is made in the same space as things with flour they can’t say they are 100 percent gluten-free.”

Along with gluten-free options, the bakery has sugar free cakes for people who have diabetes. In those recipes, the sweetener and sugar substitute Stevia is used. They also can accommodate people who have egg allergies in its recipes as well.

Jane Dough Bake House does have set pricing for everyday items like birthday cakes and pies, but they are mostly known as a special order bakery.

”We are not here to make a whole bunch of money. That is not the end goal. The goal is to bring joy to these people with cakes and things like that," Hughes said. "We like to work within people’s expected price range and try to give them another set of options.”

Since its startup in 2014, the bakery won the Small Business Award of Excellence for the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce. Building on its success Hughes is renovating a building on Main Street. She hopes to move in within the next year.

“It is a comforting feeling to come back home and to be able to make other people happy with these baked goods,” Hughes said. “It makes my heart smile.”

People who want more information about the bakery can go to its website at To place an order people can email Hughes at or message her through the bakery’s Facebook page. Search Jane Dough Bake House on Facebook. Hughes will notify customers a time and location of where they pick up their order.