Since Nov. 20, Vance Hinds has come 23 pounds closer to his first goal weight. Hinds has most recently taken his lifestyle change to the next level via a trip to Atlanta and visit with professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

Papers were piled on his desk around a low-calorie lunch as he laughed about his most recent adventures. Not only has Hinds committed to an active lifestyle, but he's modified his diet to all organic, gluten-free and dairy-free. This was suggested by Diamond Dallas Page, who is also known as DDP, before Hinds made the flight to Atlanta.

The assistant district attorney has also eliminated sugar and caffeine, as well. Hinds said he’s gone from drinking six cups of coffee a day to cutting it out — cold turkey.

Even though his diet is strict, hunger is not an issue and the meals are satisfying. During his Monday morning weigh-ins, which have drawn upward of 24,000 views on Twitter, Hinds noticed the most substantial difference when he started to incorporate the diet.

It was DDP that encouraged him to make the dietary change and Hinds will message him his food journal every night.

“If I do what he tells me, it falls off,” Hinds elaborated. “I’ve always done low carb. I had big weight loss at first, and then I was losing four pounds a week for about two to three weeks. As soon as I switched to this diet, it was 11 pounds the first week. I lost one pound the next. I cut the nuts out and then I lost eight the next, and then six the next."

DDP is famous for success stories and came across Hinds’ story on Bert Kreischer’s Twitter page. DDP and Hinds started a thread of communication and he eventually invited Hinds to the Atlanta performance center for an interview and private session.

“He said that I was the first person that he’s reached out to that he found on the Internet. Usually, he gets involved with them after they have lost the weight,” Hinds mentioned.

Along with Hinds’ scheduled exercise routine, he now incorporates DDP Yoga once — and soon twice — a day. His wife Mary has even joined in on the yoga training. He is currently doing the Standing Strong exercises that are meant to help stability.

Hinds expressed that he’s feeling much better with his lifestyle change and is optimistic about the future.

“Things have gotten easier with me taking care of my personal needs,” Hinds said. “With each day doing the DDPY, losing weight. I’m walking to the courthouse instead of driving.”

Roughly four months into the Vance Hinds Experience, he’s lost 52 pounds and seems to have overcome his once chronic migraines.

In the meantime, Hinds has remained true to his two original goals: record his journey on social media and say “yes” to everything. His initial ultimate goal weight was under 400 pounds before he sees Kreischer’s comedy show in San Antonio on March 4.

As Hinds makes strides in his active life, he’s now lapped the trail in Getzendaner Park four times on Wednesday. Eventually, he hopes to walk the Waxahachie Hike and Bike trail, which totals to a little over six miles.

Upon his newest challenges in diet and exercise, Hinds has two new ultimate, long-term goals.

“I want to walk into the doctor’s office, have them weigh me and say, "‘you’re your ideal weight.’ I have no idea what it is, but whatever it is, I want to hear the doctor say those magic words. I’ve never been my ideal weight my whole adult life,” he expressed.

Hinds said he plans to reach the second ultimate goal by Dec. 6, 2019 — participate in the North American Grappling Association competition in Dallas. Hinds hopes to compete in the executive division, which is made up of 50 year-olds who are first-time competitors.

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