Some movies are just bad. Then, some films make you want to hurl.

Matt Damon’s latest attempt at entertainment, “Downsizing,” falls into the latter.

Downsizing takes the audience into the world of Paul Safranek (Damon). Safranek is your average guy. He has a job that he enjoys. He's happily married and has friends that he can count on. However, it seems like the good life is just always out of reach. The grass always looks a little bit greener on the other side of the fence.

While attending his high school reunion, he meets up with a friend that has undergone the medical procedure known as downsizing, which shrinks a person. He tells Safranek that he is living the good life in Leisure Land where he does not have a care in the world. Safranek talks over the idea with his wife, and they both decide that downsizing is the right move for them financially and personally.

After undergoing the irreversible procedure Safranek finds out that his wife had backed out. Now only five inches tall, Safranek faces an uncertain future alone.

Watching the trailer, this film seemed to have a severe but funny side to it. It had some oddball actors that on the surface seemed to keep this quirky story about tiny people in their tiny world engaging and fun.

The idea of “Downsizing’ reminded me a little bit like the “Truman Show” whose main character Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) struggles to find his own identity and sense of worth in the world. But alas “Downsizing” is no “Truman Show.”

The main problem with this film is its story. It has too many plot lines running around, and none of them seem to take root to form the base for a solid narrative.

The trailer shows a man trying to cope with his life funnily by shrinking himself. That is only a small part of the story, and it totals about 35 minutes. It is soon forgotten.

The remaining two hours seems more like an advertisement for an environmental group looking to save the planet from man. Here is the deal, if you are going to be funny then be funny. If you want to share an important message about the health of the planet, then make a documentary. Don’t subject me to a movie about the environment hidden inside the wrapper of a comedy.

It does not work, never has and never will.

The final cut ends up like the leftover hidden inside your refrigerator left untouched for months. When you open the container with your home cooking inside it has turned different shades of green and can talk.

A great example of a flop that is similar to “Downsizing” is “The Tooth Fairy” that made its appearance briefly in theaters in the winter of 2010. Casting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in this family-friendly comedy was a horrible experience for everyone involved in the project.

Putting the Rock in a tutu and fitting him with wings provided a cheap laugh but it made the film even worse. The Rock is about kicking butt and taking names, not jokes.

Instead of seeing this film I suggest spending the time with friends and family or finishing a project around the house.

I give “Downsizing” one mustache out of five only for the fact that I like Damon as an actor most of the time.

If you can avoid this movie do it at all costs.