To the Editor,

I’ve had it, so please excuse me while I rant.

I am outraged, disgusted, embarrassed and outright pissed off that the word AMERICA offends anyone who lives in our great nation.

So President Trump said AMERICA around 80 times during his SOTU address. I thought it was wonderful and it confirms my belief that he does indeed love AMERICA.

If the word AMERICA offends you, then perhaps it’s time for you to get the hell out. There are 195 other countries you can move to. Of course, the freedoms and wonderful liberties and luxuries you have and enjoy in AMERICA may not be allowed.

People who live in AMERICA and hate everything about it, have no business being someplace where they are so unhappy and miserable.

I thank God Almighty that I was chosen to be born in AMERICA.

So please, those of you who hate AMERICA and everything about her including our AMERICAN FLAG, our NATIONAL ANTHEM and whatever else you find offensive, do yourself, me and all Patriotic AMERICA loving citizens a favor and leave today and don’t let the border hit you on the way out.

Hundreds of thousands of brave men and young women, many of them under the age of 20, have given up all of their tomorrows so we can have our today's in AMERICA, the last bastion of freedom in the world.

God bless AMERICA. Please pray for our great nation and pray extra hard for the haters.

Guila Jackson, Waxahachie