To the Editor,

The indecency of others is not an affront to our decency. For we all believe we are decent people in a world of indecency, that we need to make more decent for everyone else. Yet we are wrong. By using that as a motive for our actions, often by reflecting the indecency back like a mirror returning light back on its source, we are only satisfying ourselves, not changing anything but our own decency. Nothing more. Just let our decency stand without a need to compare. Let those indecent stand without our input. They don't need it. We have better, more decent things to do.

We are witness to a growing trend, nationally and within this venue locally, where indecency has become the accepted way of interpersonal relations. The use of vulgarity in both speech and action have become paramount to intellectual discourse and civil relations. Both in a retaliatory and offensive manner. Whether obscenities spoken by our *President or childish quibbling between malcontents and publishers

Yet we still have our decency. We just are not using it by letting indecency stand on its own merits often unsustainable to support its own weight.

We can participate in the indecency or not. It is often said a community is not known by its industry but by the conduct of its people. Our kindness and decency will be remembered. Our shallow bickering will not. How Waxahachie is reflects us. And vice versa. And just what kind of people we are.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie