Locals can celebrate and appreciate two downtown historical buildings when Historic Waxahachie Inc. hosts its first “heart bombing” event at the Calaboose and the Wyatt Real Estate Office this weekend.

The National Trust of Historic Preservation organization has started a nation-wide trend of “heart bombing," which is an act that primarily involves people writing love letters on hearts about valuing historical buildings. It will take place Saturday, Feb. 10 from 2 p.m. — 4 p.m. in Waxahachie.

President of Historic Waxahachie Inc. Kathleen Bowman elaborated, stating the event gets the community involved in seeing these historic structures and brings a little awareness to them, as well. "We love them, and they are part of our community," she added.

At the event, patrons will have paper hearts to write a message on, which will then be strung up around the building.

Historic Waxahachie Inc. owns the notable Wyatt Real Estate Office and Calaboose buildings in Singleton Plaza across from the College Street Pub.

The organization is hoping to soon renovate the two buildings so they can be more assessable for visitors. Bowman plans to have the two buildings open during popular downtown events for people to go inside and look around in.

Over the years, members of Historic Waxahachie focused on the outsides of the buildings, maintaining the structure, roof, and the foundation in order to keep them stable.

“So now that they are stabilized and have been in place for quite some time, it’s time to do more maintenance work,” Bowman expressed.

The next step is repairing broken windows, treating the landscape as well as making interior repairs to eliminate tripping hazards and applying a fresh coat of paint. Bowman hopes with the renovations that visitors will be able to appreciate the historical value the buildings acquire.

These future renovations are essential to Bowman because it allows visitors to get a feel for the inside, which can sometimes tell a more meaningful story than the outside of the building.

In the next few weeks, Bowman will meet with Architexas to discuss the proper way to repair the buildings, so they are restored correctly.

Bowman shared that the two buildings are some of the oldest buildings left in Waxahachie.

The Calaboose was initially used to detain criminals under the jurisdiction of the City of Waxahachie. This jail was one of three in town. According to the historical plaque, mentionings of the Calaboose date back to 1876.

Documents note that the building was unusual, as the walls and ceiling were built with horizontal 2-by-6-inch boards stacked for strength and security.

The Sanborn map of 1898 showed the building was damaged by a fire. The interior still reflects the fire damage to this day. The building was initially located on Jackson Street.

The Wyatt Real Estate Office was erected in 1860 on the southeast corner of Jackson Street and East Main Street.

The historical plaque states that the real estate office “is probably the oldest surviving commercial building in Waxahachie.”

Historic Waxahachie Inc. became the owners of the small clapboard structure in 2000 when Ellis County bought the land on which it sat on.

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