A million years ago there was a popular television show called, “Empty Nest.” I was a young man back then, and I had no clue what an “empty nest” was. Today I know.

Thirty-four years ago the Blonde started producing these babies, one after the other. Every time one would get in kindergarten another one would pop out.

When the now college junior came along, I told Jennifer that little bald baby was not going to school. Klaire was the perfect bookend. She did go to kindergarten, and God knew in His infinite wisdom it was time for us to stop having kids. Four was our perfect number.

When this bookend went back to college this January, she was classified as a junior. It just kind of hit me that next year at this time she would be a senior. I know a year is a long way off but still, our baby will be practically grown up.

I don’t miss the other three kids being on mom and dad’s payroll, but I do miss the crowd that sat around the dinner table every night, passing the bowl of vegetables and talking about their day.

Now two of the four do this daily at their own tables with their own kids. This is what kids do, they grow up and have their own kids, and the cycle starts all over.

When my favorite barista (our youngest son, Jack) left home and moved to Dallas, he still came back on Saturdays to spend the night along with our would be adopted son, Reed. They led the worship portion of our church service on Sundays and are the best I’ve ever shared a platform with (#goodtimes). I knew that time was only a season and I enjoyed every weekend.

After the service, they would both come home, and we would break bread around that same dining room table. Those days are over as well.

The Byrds had a number one hit song called, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” that was lifted from Ecclesiastes 3, “For everything, there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven:”

It’s not all bad.

Klaire called last night and said she was broke and could we transfer some money into her bank account. She’s not too grown up yet, she still needs her daddy (BTW, she's the only one that still calls me that). I’m glad there's one out of the four on the family payroll.

There is a time for everything, right now it’s time to go online and transfer some money. He told me to tell you that.