After much discussion, the Midlothian City Council unanimously denied a resolution supporting a new senior apartment complex at its Tuesday night meeting.

“The development is located on Ward Road. The preliminary concept is to develop 144 units. What kind of tenant’s are we going to have there? Whenever the word ‘affordable’ comes up an image comes up,” Developer Richard Schrierburg said. “We are not drawing people that are coming from section eight projects. We are drawing people that you see every day. We are going to be drawing people from around the area.”

Schrierburg explained there is a high demand for this type of housing option. He noted that there is one affordable housing project in the city, which currently has a seven-year waiting list.

The facility planned to feature amenities such as a business center, activities center, fitness room, walking paths, swimming pool, dog park, and media room. The buildings in the development would be three stories tall and made of masonry construction.

“As people are getting older they are getting more active. You are getting 65 to 75-year-old people, and they tend to do more things outside,” Schrierburg said. “I do think that there is an economic development for Midlothian besides the demand. I believe that it is going to be an asset to your community.”

Place 4 council member Joe Frizzell asked the consultant, Robbye Meyer, about the project and what would prevent them from flipping the development and making it section-eight housing and moving on.

Meyer told the council that it has a land use restriction agreement that will be in place on the property for 35 years. She noted it is a requirement from the state if they are able as a part of this program. The only way that agreement is voided is if the property goes into foreclosure.

“With this program, the tax credit program, there is an investor. The investor does not want these things to go into foreclosure. It is their dollars in there,” Meyer told the council. “You will rarely see a tax credit development go into foreclosure.”

Mayor Pro Tem T.J. Henley asked Schrierburg if there was a requirement for funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that the age of all the residents needs to be 62 years old or greater.

Schrierburg stated there was not an age limit for tax credits but for the financing they were going to pursuing the minimum age requirement has to be 62 years or older.

City Manager Chris Dick asked what the restrictions on children in the development.

Meyer told Dick that children couldn’t live in the development on a permanent basis but can come and visit. She added that this requirement would be spelled out in the lease agreement of each tenant.

In other business the council,

• Received a certificate of appreciation from the Gryphons Motorcycle Club for assistance with the Ellis County Toy Run.

• Saw a presentation of promotions to seven Midlothian Police officers.

• Approved a resolution for an election to be held to elect two members of the city council.

• Approved a joint election agreement with the Midlothian Independent School District.

• Approved a joint election contract for election services with the Ellis County Elections Administrator.

• Approved to sell at auction miscellaneous items that are outdated, broken, or beyond economical repair.

• Approved a recommendation from the Midlothian Community Development Corporation Board of Directors to approve an economic development performance agreement payout and termination with Gatehouse Midlothian Ownership, LLC.

• Approved the first amendment to chapter 380 of the economic development performance agreement with Gatehouse Midlothian, LLC.

• Took no action on a resolution supporting the Stapleton Court Villas located at 403 S. 14th Street and George Hopper Road.

• Approved a resolution declaring an intention to reimburse certain expenditures with proceeds from debt.

• Approved a professional services agreement between the city and Schrickel, Rollins, and Associates for the development of a preliminary engineering report for the second phase of the Midlothian Community Park. The agreement was not to exceed $200,000.

• Approved an agreement for professional services for design and related services for the S. Walnut Grove Road Roadway improvement project with Freese and Nichols not to exceed $650,500.

• Approved the first amendment to an engineering services agreement with the Wallace Group for additional engineering services related to Ledgestone Lane Roadway improvement project not to exceed $32,680.

• Approved a development agreement between the city and Bloomfield Homes and the city in the construction of infrastructure and site improvements on 32.29 acres.

• Approved an agreement with Insituform Technologies for the 2018 Manhole Rehabilitation Program not to exceed $98,497.

• Approved an interlocal agreement between the city and Midlothian ISD for the A.H. Meadows Library.

• Approved an ordinance amending the city’s code of ordinances amending chapters titled building regulations and building standards by amending the 2015 International Building Code with the North Central Texas Council of Governments amendments that have been previously adopted.