To the Editor,

I write Ellis County again in 2018 to repeat a warning of contamination by sewage sludge called biosolids which is municipal industrial, medical, storm and household sewage sludge the sewage industry calls biosolids. It is far from being “safe,” and the Trinity River Authority (TRA) are experts in the sewage con game otherwise they would have answered my very simple questions below.

I wrote a letter on 11/16/17 in which I cited, chemical warnings from consumer bags of biosolids (Milorganite) using biosolids, I sited EPA regulation making it legal to dump industrial hazardous and acute hazardous chemicals into the sewer system (EPA CFR 261.30(d) and 261.33(4). We also showed the EPA Office of Inspector General’s report No. 14-P-0363 (09/2014). The (TRA) replied with absolutely nothing to back their response up except the tired rhetoric of the sewage industry about testing, monitoring, following EPA regulations and my favorite “biosolids are a naturally safe” and “improves the environment.” Anyone that does any amount of research on this contamination can see the TRA is full of the same stuff they push.

We asked the Trinity River Authority ( TRA) on 12/19/15 what is the TRA’s definition of “safe” and also “were they allowing chemicals of unknown amounts, concentrations and degree of hazard onto farms, ranches and forests without the consent or knowledge of those farmers, ranchers and landowners labeled as Class A, Class AB(Texas), and Class B bio-solids?” TRA attorney, Slobodin, replied with a letter refusing to answer the questions because in his words “The Authority is under no obligation nor will it respond to questions you have posed, or any questions you pose in the future, with respect to biosolids treatment and deposition. Your questions, like the many you have asked previously, assume the conclusion that you seek to prove: that the legally-permitted and authorized land application of treated biosolids is unsafe. Given that practice is permitted and regulated, it is apparent that persons more expert than yourself with regards to the relevant science disagree.” Say what?

Well as it turns out my expertise is from reading EPA’s CFR 40-503’s on this ill-conceived practice developed in the 70s and 80s, its subchapter on how the EPA assessed the risk of biosolids exposure to you and your family from the 70s and 80s, by reading the 2009 TNSSS (look it up), just about everything I could get my hands on from the EPA dealing with the ill-conceived practice of sludging farms and forest. I even pored over Texas Administration Code from the TCEQ, on the subject, which was a JOKE. We next turned to “relevant” independent researcher and credible PhD microbiologist. The facts were stacking up to be one large sewage conspiracy and even fit the definition of consumer fraud.

The most damning facts came from experiences I have had with the TRA and their sewage sludge slinging agent Renda. A letter, from the then President on the TRA board Harold Bernard, where he states the “TRA is producing Class A” and “biosolids are heavily regulated by the EPA and TCEQ” After receiving that letter we found used feminine and male hygiene products in bales of hay from a TRA sludged field, Ellis Citizens were getting sick from being in close proximity to the dumps right next to their houses (South of FM 875 and Singleton) my house was one of them. The TRA biosolids classification was downgraded from Class A to Class AB in late 2014 which I am very proud to say I helped with where they still are today. Although the TCEQ changed the Class it was like putting a bandage on a waterfall. We have no idea what they were putting out when they called it Class A Exceptional Quality. We watch men in environmental suites picking over sewage sludge field, as we saw Renda tracking this “safe” stuff on county road then sweeping it to the side of the road, entire tanks of fish killed off from runoff from these fields. As we found a lateral mountain of this “safe” industrial, medical, storm and household contamination in Milford off of I-35 at an illegal TRA sludge storage site. I believe sewage slinger, Renda, was fined $25K for no fence, incomplete berms and NO TCEQ permit. Renda was sited but they are agents of the TRA and TRA renewed their contact just after the incident in 2014.

I have more in pictures and testimony but you should know that while the TRA was responding to my letter on 11/16/17, letting Ellis Citizens know they were NOT putting sludge out and had no intention of doing so and that I was supplying “fake new” which I am sick to death of the expression, an Ellis Citizen took pictures of a mandatory TRA signs, 11/11/2017, that must be put out if they sludge a field, in Ellis County. We have pictures of that sign on that field just east of Files Valley on FM 66. No matter how far inside Ellis this dumping was, it was in Ellis County. This fact should speak volumes to Ellis Citizens on who you should and should not trust. I will not mix words, the TRA lied. Not fabricated, not fake news, a lie.

Now for the first time since the TRA has been contaminating Ellis County, we will see what this kind of exposure does to our high school kids, teacher, and parents. In the past, exposure has been limited to the edge of city limits on farms where the farmer was not given all the facts, and he and his family were the only one directly exposed. The results of this exposure will not be fast. Cancer and chronic diseases are very subtle. The TRA dumped thousands of tons of this “safe” contamination where the new high school is being built on 287. Yes, I even have pictures of that too.

So when you hear anyone from the multi-billion dollar sewage industry or anyone with monetary ties to any part of the sewage industry including the EPA and TCEQ say the chemicals in biosolids are minimal and inconsequential or that they support composting with biosolids, ask them for any test showing the degree of hazard and concentrations of 80,000 chemicals that are found in biosolids. Then you tell me who is “fabricating” and who is conning farmers and the public.

Biosolids are dangerous! There is absolutely NO current 21st Century risk assessment. Even the TRA refers to what they dump as “Class AB sewage sludge.” Just ask or look at their sign.

“Fabricated” Food for Thought!

Craig Monk, Waxahachie