I haven't commented on a lot of political issues lately because I don't think it's worth it. There are so many negative forces at work already that I don't want to contribute to it. However, I saw a comment the other day that made me so truly sad, I felt I needed to chime in.

First, I believe this whole s***hole controversy has gotten extremely out of hand. Until someone releases audio with proof that he said it, I don't know that he did. I'm just that way. I want proof before I believe something hook, line and sinker. I was the same with Obama. I frequently asked my family to not spread untruths about him.

Let's talk about "that" word. Whether you talk like that or not, we all know what a s***hole is. I've lived in a few. We've probably all eaten in a few. I’m sure you've driven through a few.

It's the area of town you make sure your doors are locked, you don't want to run out of gas in, you don't take a potty break in, and you don't stop to eat. You may not call it that, but we all know that's what it is.

America has plenty of areas that could be considered s***holes. It's the truth — like it or not.

Are there good people that live in these s***holes? I’m sure there are. Are there people fighting hard to make these area's better? Probably, and kudos to them. Calling a place a s***hole doesn't make anyone a racist: judgmental, sure — racist, no.

How many of us, in the business world, have been in management meetings when someone says something they would never say in public? I'm sure all of us have. I've heard the CEO of a company say things to his employees that were disgraceful. Stuff gets said internally, especially in highly charged situations that would probably never be said in public. It's the truth and we all know it. It's just hard to admit it because it goes against the agenda.

The s***hole comment wasn’t made to say immigration shouldn’t be allowed. Our country was founded on immigrants that came here legally and wanted to be American. They kept their customs while adopting the American way of life also. They became citizens, followed the laws, learned the language and contributed financially. I don't think you will find anyone that is opposed to that. Our government isn't saying people from s***hole countries can't enter our country or only certain races can enter our country.

The expectation is that everyone enter our country legally, as those before them have for decades. Would the outrage from the left be the same if it was Obama who made this statement? If Obama had called an area populated by Caucasians suffering extreme poverty, and they are out there, a s***hole, he would have been given a pass. It's because of who said it — plain and simple.

It was made an issue because it detracts from all the good that happens in this country. When everyone's attention can be deflected to a foul word the president said, nobody will notice the jobs coming back to America, the retirement plans going through the roof, the number of Americans going back to work. The obligation of our government is to the American people. We give a lot of money to other countries, and I'm not opposed to that short-term when needed. However, if someone wants the benefits of being an American, become one. There are routes to make that happen. If it's so bad to be an American, why do so many people want to come here?

However, what really made me sad was reading someone say they are not proud to be an American. How in the world can you not be proud to be an American? I have never once felt ashamed to be an American because of the actions of our President, former or current. Their actions don't change the fact that you live in the greatest country on this great earth.

You have access to anything you could possibly want. You have freedoms that you would get killed for in other countries. You can speak your mind without being jailed. You have food, shelter, employment opportunities, and unlimited income potential. How can you be ashamed when you have all those things?

Can you be ashamed of the President? Sure, if you really want to be. It doesn't accomplish anything except building up anger in your heart, but there is not anything that happens that should make you ashamed to be an American.

I'm not going to say "If you don't like it here, go somewhere else." However, I will say that if you look around at other countries, and make a list of the pros and cons of living in America versus those other countries, you will see that being an American really isn't that bad.