Damage from water, mold, and moisture can present unforeseen problems for residents and businesses. That is where Advantaclean of Ellis County enters to lessen the blow when an environmental event happens.

The business opened its doors in October and is owned by Avalon Volunteer Fire Chief Jimmy Brown and his wife, Ann Barnes.

Brown said providing quality service promptly to the people they serve is a top priority. Each job that Advantaclean takes receives the same high level of attention from its well-trained staff.

“If you called someone in Dallas, it is going to take them an hour an half to two hours to get there to the site. Depending on where it is we can be there within 30 minutes during working hours. After working hours it can be an hour to an hour and a half,” Brown said. “Most companies won’t touch that because it is not worth the fee to send their technician out there.”

Operations manager Kyle Mustin shared Brown’s thoughts, stating that each job is important to the company.

"These big companies, they have got a lot of overhead. I managed a huge one in Dallas. They tend to forget more about their customers and look more at dollar signs than they do individual clients. What I want to do is the opposite of that," Mustin shared. "I don’t want to rule the world, but I want to make sure that our community here in Ellis County and the surrounding county area is taken care of. In this area the big companies they don’t reach out to this area. It is a big drive for them, or it is not worth the money for the little jobs. We wanted to make it our area to serve these smaller communities."

The services that Advantaclean provides to its customers are mold remediation, water damage cleanup, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, coil cleaning, and moisture control. The company can handle jobs ranging from a residence to a large industrial building.

“During the cold weather, if a pipe bursts and your home floods, you can call us. We are a 24-hour service and we will come out,” Mustin explained. “We test the moisture levels in the walls, baseboards, and carpet. Then we will set drying equipment to dry the structure in place instead of tearing it out. So we try to mitigate before we replace. It is cheaper on everybody to get the materials dried out then it is to tear them out and replace them.”

Moisture control can involve putting a dehumidifier or fans in an attic or crawlspace to circulate air. It can also include encapsulating the space with plastic to prevent moisture from entering the space.

“Our summers here are especially humid so, and especially those older homes, trap moisture under there. Typically your crawlspace is going to be a partial board,” Mustin noted. “So as that moisture rises from that dirt from your house. It will get into that board, and that is where you will start to get your mold issues.”

Advantaclean also provides radon remediation, asbestos and lead certified, and provides services following a fire.

“We don’t get into it very big, but we will do fires. It is called encapsulating. If you have a fire in your home and after all your contents are removed we can come in and removed the charred material,” Brown stated. “What we will do encapsulate the two by fours underneath. What that does it prevents the smoke from coming back when you rebuild.”

With each Job, Brown or Mutins will be on site with the crew to provide oversight and make sure that each job is done right so that nothing is missed. Advantaclean is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and carries a State of Texas mold license.

Mustin holds a certification in applied structural drying for the drying of building materials. He noted that if a job needs more resources that their staff can provide other Advantaclean franchises could be called in to provide assistance on the job. Free on-site consultations are provided to clients.

Advantaclean also works to give back to the community by supporting several Ellis County schools, as well as non-profit organizations like the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association.

To find out more information about Advantaclean, schedule an appointment, or for emergency service, the staff can be reached at 972-200-5118. Additional information can be found on its website at www.advantaclean.com/location/elliscounty-tx. Brown can be reached by email at jimmy.brown@avantaclean.com