Last week I introduced you to a few guys who, despite all their fancy positioning as religious, honorable, credible men, actually exhibit behaviors that are quite different. They exist in an echo chamber of sorts where they agree with each other on most everything, even that which is dishonorable, to the point of believing themselves. What these guys actually represent is a microcosm of what is happening, hateful word by hateful word, to this country. That is, people who have very little to say but say a whole lot nonetheless – most of which is designed to destroy others.

Magnifying the hatred being spread is the recklessness found in invoking God’s name as a way to justify wayward behaviors. No one gets to pick and choose which part of God’s word suits them while ignoring that which condemns their daily behaviors yet that’s exactly what we see. Should you doubt me, take a look at the following examples of just how dangerous these guys are and why I’ve taken the time to tell you about them.

Consider the local attorney defending Mike Jones in criminal court, Mark Griffith. Griffith posts all sorts of chest pounding prayers, haughty acclamations of how tough he is and of his Jesus-like pedigree while at the same time posting crude comments about any number of folks with whom he disagrees. Included in the plethora of comments is a vulgar post the attorney made of the Ellis County DA on a Dallas attorney’s Facebook page a few weeks ago. It was deleted by Mr. Griffith quickly but not before screenshots were captured. Not only self-incriminating, the post is highly hypocritical and a disgusting act of gutter-like behavior no professional should exhibit … ever. That a professed Christian would take such action gives you a sense of why you’re reading about it here. It’s wrong, out of line and certainly worth exposure. God, on a number of occasions, clearly rebukes those who portray themselves as righteous while acting in ways more closely related to thuggery. This isn’t the only unbecoming post by Mr. Griffith, but it’s one of the worst and it’s shameful. It’s also beyond the scope of conduct by any respectable attorney. Of course, those in his little echo chamber don’t know what I just told you because he won’t ever tell them.

Then there’s the candidate Griffith supports for county judge, Rodney Ramsey. The echo chamber in which Ramsey lives and is seemingly convincing him he can be the next county judge is a bit spooky. Most of Ramsey’s obsession comes from the salary issue related to the current judge, Carol Bush. Not only do the voices Ramsey hears have him believing his own descriptions of how the raise came about, but it’s also almost exclusively what he is relying on to be elected. To make matters worse is the link I received last week showing Mr. Ramsey being interviewed by TJ Fabby. Being interviewed by TJ Fabby for a Facebook post about Carol Bush is a bit like an accomplice to a crime interviewing his partner for the sole purpose of stating the innocence of both. The only two believing it are the accomplice and criminal. It’s amusing in a way, but dangerous in another. Ramsey has also been bloviating lately that he is far better qualified to manage the county budget of $60 plus million dollars. What he doesn’t tell you, but what I am, is that Ramsey has at least one bankruptcy on his record, among other things, and shouldn’t be trusted with any budget. The people of Ellis County are smarter than to give a county checkbook to a man who can’t manage his own. Ramsey will learn that sooner than later.

As for local tree-trimmer, supporter of Rodney Ramsey and self-professed political expert, TJ Fabby, the incendiary tactics continue. Mr. Fabby, who believes the best path to success is to consistently run others down, who spouts off about legal marijuana being the world’s great cure and who perpetually belittles law enforcement officers, has worn out his welcome, so to speak. He’s gotten away with deriding most everyone not like-minded and, while it isn’t likely to stop, you need to be aware of it. Worse still is the offensively breath-taking post Mr. Fabby made recently that said “Nobody is defending your freedom in the middle east. The people defending your freedom were knocking on doors in your community today”. In other words, community organizers who froth at the mouth to disparage anyone they choose are doing more to protect this country’s freedoms than the brave men and women fighting in hell holes like Afghanistan and Iraq. As the father of a brave young man who nearly gave his life defending America in the Middle East and as a friend to countless others in this county and across America who either are doing the same or have a loved one serving this country, I find Mr. Fabby disgraceful. While I doubt ol’ TJ will ever run for office again, we should never forget what the man said.

Truth is I don’t find it enjoyable to write columns like these. The more important truth though is that someone has to or the vitriol from small-minded people will never end. If left alone by guys like me and others in the media, who can shed light on these conductors of hate and deceit, the sound coming from contempt-filled echo chambers will only get louder. You, along with every citizen in this city and county, deserve better.

And if I have anything to do with it, that’s exactly what you’ll get.