By the end of the year, The Prescription Shop will relocate to where the Brown Motel once stood. The building will provide all of the same services but with a new contemporary design.

The owner, Mike Boyd, opened Red Oak Drug in 1984 and then bought The Prescription Shop in 2002. The shop was relocated a couple years after the purchase to its current building on S. Grand Avenue and W. Jefferson Street.

Even though the current building is suitable for the service, Boyd saw the traffic and safety of the area go down after the old Baylor hospital moved to its new location on Interstate-35E.

“When the hospital moved, it didn’t affect the business so much because we didn’t get a lot of walk-ins from there,” Boyd explained. “But it affected the amount of traffic and the visibility. We’ve also have been broken into four times in the last year. There’s nobody out here after dark. When Baylor was here, they had their own security force that helped watch the business.”

By relocating The Prescription Shop, the additional traffic and exposure will be the most significant factor for increased exposure and sales.

Boyd signed the deal on Jan. 9 but has already started working with an architect to get an idea of the look of the exterior. He’s working with Anthony Mottla, who also designed the building in Red Oak.

He said the square footage will be identical to the current building, but the most noticeable difference will be the contemporary style of the exterior of the building. Boyd said he was inspired by the architecture of the homes in New Mexico. He’s looking forward to building a new store “that’s not just another square building” and centrally located in town.

The dimensions of the building could change slightly and the builder will most likely have to alter the elevation. But Boyd said the interior of the pharmacy wouldn’t look as traditional either. They plan to incorporate several styles of light fixtures.

“Along 77, which when I grew up here we called it Ferris Avenue, they have a lot of older styled buildings that are contemporary. I think it will fit the area well,” Boyd said. “I’m thrilled about the lot because it has John Arden Drive behind it, so people don’t have to get on Ferris Avenue if they are coming on this side of town.”

The new location will still provide the same resources as compounding, medical equipment, and the traditional pharmacy.

“We do a lot of bandages and braces — like the braces and support hose that you have to be fitted for as opposed to going into one of the chains and get something off the shelf. So, we will still do that,” Boyd said.

Boyd, 62, admitted he never thought he’d relocate The Prescription Shop again, but he’s excited about the new project.

“This will be my last project as far as pharmacy, so I’m going to do it right this time,” he added.