I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions. But multitudes of people make them every year - and have great intentions of keeping them — and are perhaps successful for at least a week or two.

Some common ones are to lose X number of pounds; quit the bad habit, whatever it is — save more money, make X number of new friends — etc. But often the passion to keep them soon fizzles out.

Why should resolutions be an annual event? Shouldn’t we keep our focus daily on things we need to be doing? How about every night before we go to bed, making nightly pledges? Pledges like eating healthy the next day; walking a certain distance for our health, helping someone who has a need; speaking to a soul about Christ, telling our spouse - and our children how much we love them? Let resolutions become a nightly — or every morning pledge. Let’s constantly keep our minds and hearts focused on ways to make our corner of the world a better place to live; or to find ways to live healthier, more wholesome lives. Every time we have a craving for a piece of pecan pie, immediately go peel a banana or an apple. Guys, when you get car fever simply because you miss the new car smell, go out and buy your wife something she has wanted - or needed for a long while.

Let’s remind ourselves daily, when someone does something that irritates us — like the elderly couple who blocks an aisle at Walmart with their electric buggies — or the mom with seven children who muscled her way in front of you at the Chick Fil A serving line — before we fly into a rage and focus on how our “rights” have been violated, let’s focus on them. Perhaps the husband of the elderly couple received some bad news from the doctor, and suddenly, the couple feels compelled to slow down and savor every moment of precious life together; Perhaps the mother with seven children just got hit with a shocker that hubby had bailed on her to pursue a different life. Maybe one of those seven children is having an insulin reaction, and mom is desperately trying to get to some orange juice.

Before racing to the pet store to pay hundreds of dollars for a “show animal,” go to the nearest pound and adopt an unwanted stray that was left starving beside the road, or abandoned in a backyard while the family moved away. Those animals will thank you until the day they die.

Perhaps some people have dedicated their lives to do whatever they have to do just to irritate you. But chances are, they are just struggling to survive another day, and even though they may not realize it, they would relish a kind word from you — or anybody. They may not express their appreciation, but that’s okay — do it anyway.

I would say that if we all adopt such a mentality — or rather, such a spirit, there’s no telling how happy we can make the New Year for others — and in turn, we will reap great rewards as well.

Have a very happy, prosperous, spiritual, and fulfilling 2018.