There has always been a great deal of discussion about who and what was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jim Gatewood, Dallas historian laureate and founder of the Dallas County Assassination Review Board, has held symposiums which allow people to tell their stories and experiences about the day and events that followed the JFK assassination. He says he has quite a complete picture of the events leading up to that day and exactly what happened then.

Gatewood, who spoke to the Waxahachie Rotary Club this week, maintains that the results of his investigations point to a significant conspiracy involving the Mafia and many others, including Lee Harvey Oswald. He explained how steps were to be taken to assassinate the president.

Almost immediately after the assassination, many theories began to surface to explain who was involved and how, Gatewood explained. As part of the unofficial investigations, the Dallas County Assassination Review Board was formed in Oct. 2003. Gatewood said they felt the official story included misinformation from the government.

To view Gatewood’s web page, visit www.gatewoodbooks.com. No official investigation has ever proven any of these allegations, Gatewood assured.