Action Fire Pros takes pride in providing quality service promptly to the customers it serves each day. Founded in 1993 the fire sprinkler, alarm, and extinguisher company has grown from a crew of two to more than 100 employees.

James Brown and wife, Annett, started the company as Action Automatic Sprinkler in Milford. Brown brought his 40 years of protection industry experience to the company. Over the years Action has grown into a multi-million dollar company.

In 2001, James passed away and the leadership of the company was passed to his daughters, Daphne Hajovsky, Melissa Brown, Sandy Marek, and son-in-law, Randy Hajovsky. James’ family works to continue to grow and build the company.

“We are a full-service fire protection service. We offer on the commercial side only. We do fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, extinguishers, and hood systems,” said Marek, Vice President of Action Fire Pros. “Anything that will extinguish a fire, we do, but mainly the installation of fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. We also do service and inspections of all those three things.”

According to Action’s website, the sprinkler and alarm inspections done by the company follow the standards and codes of the National Fire Protection Association, insurance companies, the state of Texas and local fire marshals. Action is licensed to install both sprinkler and alarm systems in commercial buildings of all sizes.

Another service provided by Action is that it installs, inspects, and maintains fire extinguishers. The company regularly encourages businesses to stop by their office in Waxahachie to have their extinguishers refilled, which costs $7 to refill an extinguisher as opposed to the $100 minimum of a call.

Action works in North Central Texas from the Oklahoma border to the Waco, Temple, and Killeen areas and from Greenville to Weatherford. Some of its clients include companies such as Texas Instruments, L3 Technologies, Raytheon, and Tyson Foods. However, a lot of Actions clients are property management companies who oversee commercial buildings such as warehouses.

Brown, the Chief Financial Officer, said the company in the past year has seen a 12 percent growth and are expected to beat that percentage this year. This expansion has caused Action to expand its facility in Waxahachie to bring its design work in-house instead of contracting out the work. Office space was added to the building for computer-aided design services.

Brown explained the company’s inspection department has grown due to the positive economic climate and growth-taking place in the area.

“Let's say, for example, you lease space and you want to move a wall because you are remodeling that for a new tenant,” Brown stated. “Anytime you move a wall or make a change at all you have to update the fire sprinkler system with it. Sprinkler heads have to be spaced a certain length apart to put out a fire.”

Brown stated that the most significant strength of the company is its integrity. If a mistake happens on the job, Action will work to make it right. It also provides a 24-hour emergency service to customers to reach out to them when a problem comes up.

The company works with businesses to troubleshoot problems and help them find a solution before sending out a technician so they won’t have to charge them for a service call.

For more information about Action Fire Pros go to its website at or call them at 1-800-550-2287. Action Fire Pros is located at 3709 S. Interstate Highway 35E in Waxahachie.