There are leaders throughout history that have become the voice of a nation. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was one of those individuals that inspired his people and set them on a course to victory.

The new film, “Darkest Hour,” honors Churchill’s (Gary Oldman) patriotism, dedication, and the leadership he provided to his country during World War II. It also shines a light on Churchill’s character when he was out of the public eye.

Darkest Hour puts its audience in the early days of World War II. As the German Army continues to advance, it leaves the British people to wonder if they are going to be the next country to fall.

After losing confidence in its existing prime minister, Neville Chamberlain (Ronald Pickup), Churchill is appointed in his place and is tasked to bring the country together in this challenging moment when the enemy at the gate.

The Darkest Hour provides audiences with a unique opportunity to learn about this pivotal moment in history. As I watched the events unfold, it felt like I was right next to Churchill. These moments included him giving several thunderous speeches in the House of Commons or speaking with his war cabinet very frankly. When the idea of appeasement was brought up, Churchill yelled stating that “you don’t negotiate with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”

Another moment that connects the audience with the story was when Churchill sought the advice and guidance of the common man. Churchill took a ride on the subway where he asked the average Joe if he should enter into peace talks with the Germans or to fight on. That scene connected me deeply to the story and with the person that Churchill was as he led the nation.

Director Joe Wright needs to be commended for creating scenes that add depth and warmth to a story that is hard to tell at times. Oldman's performance as Churchill was very believable from his voice to his mannerisms. I felt like I was standing next to this statesman.

If you are looking for a film to see “Darkest Hour” is not one to be missed. While this movie is not playing here in Ellis County, it can be seen at several area theaters. Some of the theaters include the AMC theater at the Parks Mall located off on Interstate 20 in Arlington, the Cinemark theater located at 220 W. Westchester Parkway in Grand Prairie, and the Magnolia theater located at 3699 McKinney Avenue in Dallas. It is worth the drive to go see this film.

I give this movie four and a half mustaches out of five mustaches.

It is rated PG-13 for some thematic material and runs 125 minutes.