The Red Oak ISD Police Department has received a couple visual and operational upgrades over the last few days.

For the first time since 2001, Red Oak ISD Police officers will have a newly-designed badge on their chests and patch on the shoulder.

The badge includes the State of Texas inlaid with the Lone Star Flag with color added to represent the thin blue line and a small maroon star geographically placed for Red Oak ISD.

According to an ROISD press release, "badges are an integral part of any law enforcement agency."

Along with the ROISD Police Department’s rebranding of the patch and badge, the department also began the tradition of assigning badge numbers to each officer.

“Each of the officers received a badge number based on their seniority within this department," Red Oak ISD Police Chief Denney stated. "These numbers will continue consecutively with no numbers being repeated.” P

The release also notes police departments use uniforms, patches, and badges not only as a way to build an identity to their particular agency but to also quickly distinguish officers from other law enforcement agencies.

The department was also presented with new bicycles purchased with a donation from Farmers Insurance – The Walden Agency.

These bicycles will be used by officers during football games, parades and special outdoor events. The ROISD Police Department thanked The Walden Agency for their generous donation and support.