Members of the Red Oak School Board and staff received the results of a student demographics study during their most recent Monday meeting.

Making the presentation was Lorne Woods of Davis Demographics.

“This district is set for a significant growth over the next five years. The growth will not be uniform across the district area. The main key to growth areas is the development of infrastructure, water and sewer lines and utilities,” Woods said.

Davis went through the growth expectations by area and by schools. “The only school not to experience a growth experience is Wooden Elementary. At this time there is little infrastructure out there, and there are no plans for infrastructure development. Once infrastructure construction begins, you will see the developers start to build home and that schools population will begin to increase.”

Currently, there are 18 residential developments (active or planned) within the district that will be the driving force for the Red Oak ISD growth, Woods explained.

"Over 2,900 active or planned homes can be expected within the district," she continued. "More than 40 percent of the district development is planned in the Donald Shields and Eastridge School area. 48 [percent] in the city of Glenn Heights.”

Woods attributed the continued growth, as well as increased student retention from students in existing homes, to better than average mobility within the district.

Woods' growth projections indicate an increase of more than 460 students by the 2020 school year.

“This information is very valuable to us as we plan the future of our district and plan to meet the needs of each and every student in the Red Oak ISD,” said ROISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard.

In other business on Monday, Dec. 18, Red Oak ISD Trustees unanimously approved a proposal by the ROISD Chief Financial Officer Vickie Benbow to authorize the issuance of unlimited tax refunding bonds.

Through her presentation to the board, Bebow showed where $17,915 will be recalled. The savings to the district will be $3,316,272.

A request was made by ROISD Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability Nancy Toney for the establishment of a Health Advisory Committee (SHAC).

“The goal of the Red Oak ISD Health Advisory Committee is to advise Red Oak ISD decision-makers regarding students’ needs and assets related to health knowledge and skills, regarding policies and procedures that impact student health, and regarding the health of the school environment,” Toney said.

Per state requirements, Toney stated the committee must be made up of district parents and members of the community-at-large.

The 11-member committee was unanimously approved.