To the Editor,

Santa chuckled, smiled, and said “Walt you may go, take up to six months, but you must tell me what you learned, when he returned to the North Pole. I will ask Mitchie, Mitchalene, Butachline, and Kristaline to take you, when they leave the North Pole.” The four elves had never met Walt before, but they all knew so, many people who needed what Walt was about to learn.

Walt was ready to leave, his list was doubled checked and he was certain he had everything that was needed. How exciting, he had never left the North Pole before and this adventure had endless possibilities.

The first place the elves stopped was a small town in Alaska, the town did not decorate for Christmas, not one green or red light was permitted. No one sang Christmas Carols, and of course no one could see the elves. This was simply shocking! Walt ask Mitchie what happened, and the answer was simple, they were so discouraged because they could not find the perfect Christmas that they voted to never celebrate Christmas again.

Walt began to think, what is a perfect Christmas? Is it the food, is it the decorations? Maybe it is what people hold dear in their hearts.

They traveled on and when they stopped again, Walt decided to listen to what the people were talking about, what did they consider a perfect Christmas to be, he came back to the group, confused, one group of people talked about how it was when they were young, another talked about what they planned to do, everyone agreed this had to be the “best Christmas ever”. Walt asked Butachline, “If this is the best Christmas ever will there never be another Christmas?” Butachline answered him simply, “What does best ever mean to you?”

As they traveled Walt began to realize that every place they stopped gave him a new insight, life away from the North Pole was strange. The perfect Christmas did not seem to exist, the best Christmas ever is exactly: the children’s memories of the last Christmas: the older people had a different opinion and some Christmases were better than others. Other people thought it was yet to come. The confusion did not sort its self out. Confusion seemed to grow and grow.

One night Walt said to the group, I am going back to the North Pole, and talk to Santa about all that I have learned, because nothing makes sense to me, they is no pattern, and what would make the perfect Christmas? The elves nodded their heads and quietly agreed that Mitchie, the oldest and the most experienced would go with Walt.

Drawing some powder out of the bag Mitchie carried, he sprinkled it over them, and took a big jump, when they landed he repeated the process, in hardly any time at all Walt was back at the North Pole. With his mind still whirling from the trip back, he saw Santa start for where the Reindeer were. Without bidding Mitchie good-by, he ran to catch up with Santa.

When Walt was finished with all he had to say about his confusing trip, he said it just does not make sense to me, people were spending money they did not have, for things they could not afford for themselves, to give to people who did not want it anyway, and planned on taking it back. These group had done this for years, while another group made everything, and got together with people they really got along with on Christmas, where games were played, stories were told, and the simple gifts were given, and received with great joy, and the third group seemed to have only wished the month of December was over, and that they could find a way to escape next year. Where or where was the Perfect Christmas?

“The perfect Christmas is what remains in your heart when Christmas is put away. These memories are not just one part of Christmas but many parts, and no two perfect Christmases are alike.” Santa said as he took a drink of his hot chocolate. Then he continued “The perfect Christmas is not the bigger than last year’s gift, the best dish brought to a pot luck, the most cookies made or the amount of gifts under the tree, what helps to make a perfect Christmas is the joy you can find in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, a perfect Christmas is what you make it to be.”

Walt thanked Santa and went to his bed to sort this all out. On his way it suddenly occurred to him: what was the stuff Mitchie sprinkled over them before they would take a big jump? As his head reached his pillow he fell sound asleep.

Joan Pomeroy, Waxahachie