We want to take a break from the regular article this week and wish each and every person a Merry Christmas.

Remember, while we are celebrating this season there will still be people out there looking for ways to cause pain (theft, robbery, assault, etc.).

Also understand there will not be a time in any city, county, state or nation where a peace officer, firefighter, EMS personal dispatcher or US Armed Forces personnel does not stand ready to answer the call. Even though it is Christmas, we will still be there protecting and serving so everyone can stay safe. When you see one of these folks during the Christmas time, take time to tell them thanks or say a prayer for them because this is one of the most dangerous times of the year for our profession. You do not realize how much that means to us.

Please enjoy the Christmas season and above all, give thanks to God for sending his only son to earth so that we all might live.

Peace on earth.